LinkedIn Introduces Power Profiles 2012

About the launch of LinkedIn introducing Power Profiles of 2012 from India. Power Profiles are the celebrities of LinkedIn, since they are the most viewed profiles of 2012 on the platform.


A month more and we will bid adieu to 2012. This also means that the web as well all other forms of media from now on will be clogged with content about the best and the worst of 2012, who made news and who failed, etc. LinkedIn has thought of doing something smart or have pulled off a smart promotional strategy for its newly launched LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with 187 million users worldwide and 17 million from India, for the first time has launched Power Profiles of 2012. Power Profiles are the celebrities of LinkedIn, since they are the most viewed profiles of 2012 on the platform. According to LinkedIn, these profiles have invested in building their professional identity on LinkedIn to become the most viewed profiles in their respective fields.

LinkedIn has a dedicated site where you can check out the LinkedIn Power Profile of 2012 based on the various industries. So let’s say if you click on “Advertising Industry” then you would find a list of profiles who have been the selected as the “Power Profile of 2012.” You can view their detailed profiles, connect to them. In addition to this, the page also provides some helpful tips to build an effective profile, videos, demo of the new LinkedIn profile and building one right away. I must say this is a great motivator to induce someone to try out the new LinkedIn profile.


How cool is the move from LinkedIn?

Today LinkedIn is synonymous to a professional network and it is more than about just finding jobs. It’s about presenting yourself professionally online, connecting to like-minded professionals and also sharing your knowledge which all ads up to your professional growth. For all this to happen, the start has to be good and that is from having an effective and complete LinkedIn profile. However, the sad part is that most of us ignore the profile or have a half filled profile.

Now with LinkedIn having an attractive new LinkedIn Profile, the launch of Power Profiles of 2012 really works like a carrot. I think it is a real smart move.

Are you still having an incomplete and old LinkedIn profile and missing out on the required business connections or career opportunities?