LinkedIn India Success Stories

LinkedIn India Success Stories

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Success Stories

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network has more than 100 million users. This is old news but don’t you think there will be at least a million stories to be shared. Stories of success, collaboration and leads. The more than 10 million Indians using LinkedIn also have some great stories to be shared.

The LinkedIn India section of Success Stories has seven interesting stories that have been shared till now. All the stories shared are by genuine people and their story is not only interesting but also makes you believe in the various LinkedIn features.

One such story is of Avinash Raghava, Regional Director – Northern Region at NASSCOM who used the potentials of LinkedIn Groups to engage with delegates of NASSCOM. Avinash created a NASSCOM EMERGE Forum on LinkedIn Groups and apart from creating, he initiated interesting active discussions on industry issues which also meant building partnerships. These discussions also enabled delegates to create leads and business opportunities. LinkedIn Groups is undoubtedly one of the features that helps you create real engagements on LinkedIn and Avinash with 1561 fans has harnessed it well.

Having an updated LinkedIn profile with cool recommendations always helps. It makes you stand out of the crowd when candidate are being sourced via LinkedIn. Today each and every recruiter is active on LinkedIn and Shruti Marathe, Sales professional, Star TV was aware of this. She not only had an active LinkedIn profile but had cool recommendations too. She further elaborates that Recommendations from former colleagues led her two job opportunities. Now isn’t that cool and the story of Shruti also emphasize that students should actively use Linkedin. During her internships she has been using LinkedIn actively and the recommendations written by her colleagues led her to get two offer letters from potential employers. So if you are a student who is about to jump into the market then start using LinkedIn actively.

Finally one more success story that catches my eyes is the story of “Raising Funds via Linkedin” shared by Deepak Srinath and Uday Disley, Co-Founders and Directors at Viedea Capital Advisors. Deepak and Uday used LinkedIn to get connected with international potential investors and till today most of their business development takes place through the strong LinkedIn network. However this can only happen if you actively engage on LinkedIn.

You have some more great Indian LinkedIn success stories that you would love to read and learn. Definitely this initiative by LinkedIn is really great to showcase about how useful is LinkedIn via real people stories. So people who still are not using LinkedIn or have created a ghost of connections should buck up and start using LinkedIn. By the way, do you have a success story to share then just express it here.

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