LinkedIn Has A New Look [Review]

A review about LinkedIn's new look for it's home page, which definitely makes it lot better and cleaner in looks.

linkedin logo

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network has rolled out a new look for its home page, which definitely makes it a lot better and cleaner in looks.

LinkedIn, a home for more than 160 million professional users has gone for a major redesign after five years. Techcrunch had initially revealed this news and later on LinkedIn did so on its blog. LinkedIn had confirmed that the rollout would happen pretty soon in the coming weeks. I am sure some of them have already started seeing the new change, like I have. If you are not able to see then its just  a matter of time before you can see it.

What are the new changes?

The below screen grab gives you a quick snapshot of the new look of ‘LinkedIn Home.’

LinkedIn Has a New Look [Review]

1. LinkedIn Header: The header of LinkedIn has turned darker and keeps rolling as you browse the news feed of LinkedIn. A much-needed feature that helps you to quickly select the options in the header while you are browsing through the updates in the news feed. Previously one had to scroll all the way up to select options in the header.

2. Bigger Visuals: ‘LinkedIn Today’ that brings you the best of the professional news depending on your interests, gets a cleaner look. Visuals are big and the presentation of the links become much more compact. The articles that are shown here are the recommended articles by LinkedIn. Again a much needed feature, I would say!

LinkedIn today

3. Updates become smarter: LinkedIn has updated its algorithm and from now on one will find all the relevant updates, trending articles according to ones interests, etc. right on the top. The below screen grab gives you a hint of one of the trending article which was shown at the top to me:

LinkediN updates

Linkedin’s ‘All Updates’ button at the right corner of the news feed allows you to see updates from different categories such as updates from coworkers, groups, companies, etc.  However, you can always control what you want to display in your news feed. To do this simply click on ‘All Updates’ and then click on ‘Customize’ to control your news feed.

In addition to this, the notification button becomes more prominent and LinkedIn is also showing content from people whom you would prefer to connect. My guess is that these are the people that pop in the list of ‘People You May Know’ widget.

4. Who’s viewed your profile also gets a small makeover: The latest change provides a ‘Connect’ button to the profiles that are not in your connection. The idea is to make the connection between profiles easier. In the same way, it has a ‘Message’ button added to the profiles in your network that have visited you. You can quickly have a chat and take the discussions further with this feature. Small but a smart move!

5. ‘LinkedIn Today’ gets a makeover too:  Previously I had shared about LinkedIn Today upgrading its design. Now with the home page redesign, it has made some cosmetic changes to LinkedIn Today. You have prominent buttons for Like, Comment, Share, etc. as highlighted below.

Linkedin Today changes

How cool is it?

Firstly, these changes were very much required. As I said before, I was glued to the new look and the news feed the way I wanted.  Visuals have taken a prominent focus in the change and that is what has been the trend. From Facebook to Google, every one is working on how they present pictures on their platform. Even though LinkedIn doesn’t allow posting images but the images of links have become prominent and likeable.

All in all, I like the way LinkedIn is concentrating on it’s core features unlike other networks such as Facebook. First it was the launch of a really impressive iPad app, then the semi-divorce with Twitter in which LinkedIn had an upper hand and now a major design change. Seems that LinkedIn is opening its cards slowly and enticing users to visit the network more often.

So are you seeing the new look of LinkedIn and if yes then what is your initial thought?