LinkedIn Follow Button – What and Why?

The article discusses on Linkedin Follow button and why should you have it.

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With a strong base of 150 million users around the globe and more than 10 million people following it in India, LinkedIn is indisputably one of the leaders in the professional network. To make its growth stronger and to bolster it’s marketing arms, LinkedIn has introduced the new Follow button as said by Mike Grishaver, senior product manager for Company Pages on the LinkedIn blog.

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Why do you need to follow?

The new LinkedIn Follow button is similar to the Like button of Facebook or Follow button of Twitter. The new feature will allow a user to follow a company outside LinkedIn and for now American Express Open, Starbucks, AT&T, Kiva, etc have opted in for this new service but most of them are yet to introduce this feature. So suppose you were browsing the American Express site for some product information then you can also click on the LinkedIn Follow button which would help you to be updated in the future in relation to new products, career opportunities or other exciting news. All the company information would be shared to you on your LinkedIn feed when you login into your account next time. So henceforth you are updated about your favorite companies till the time you are logged in LinkedIn. Isn’t that great?

Apart from the LinkedIn Follow button, there are three more cool ways by which a user can follow a company: 1. Follow via Company Page, 2. Follow via Search Results and 3. Follow via User Profile. If you are still not clear then just check out the simple video that LinkedIn has shared for you.

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Why should companies have a Follow button?

Now for a company or a business to have a LinkedIn button will allow for more visibility. It will not only tell your fans that you are present on LinkedIn but in this way you can drive traffic from your outside network who were till day not informed that you are present on LinkedIn. I would say small but a smart move  for companies who are being the early adopters as the number of people following a company always creates a credible brand image too.

Companies can take this whole new initiative a step further. For example, all companies have a contact page, so wouldn’t it be cool of having appropriate profiles to be contacted with their LinkedIn profiles along with the Follow button? A thought that was very well shared by Preetham Venkky last year while sharing his thoughts on 7 Social Media trends that will rock 2012.

So first it was the LinkedIn Share button where you could share interesting content with your community. Later down the lane, LinkedIn also introduced the Recommend button and now the Follow button. Though both the services won’t have much of difference. Along with this LinkedIn has also focused on the local market by introducing the local hiring feature in India.

I think it was a desired move by LinkedIn and kind of following the bandwagon with what Twitter or Facebook had done before. I am excited to know if you would be interested in putting a LinkedIn Follow button on your website. And if so then here is the link that would guide you to install the LinkedIn Follow button.