LinkedIn Celebrating 1 Million Members In Singapore

Hari Krishnan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan at LinkedIn announced that LinkedIn has reached one million mark in Singapore

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LinkedIn continues its growth in the Asian continent. According to a latest blog post by Hari Krishnan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan at LinkedIn, the world’s biggest professional network has reached the one million mark in Singapore. Sharing his thoughts on this achievement, Hari expressed that the membership has doubled since the network had opened its Asia-Pacific headquarters back in 2011.

To celebrate this milestone, LinkedIn had lined up some exciting surprises for the citizens of Singapore. Singapore Power Profiles has been launched that provides the list of people who have leveraged LinkedIn to the fullest to be better at what they do. The micro portal shows the list of power profiles by industry such as technology, internet, human resources, etc. In addition to this, the portal is giving you tips on how you can use the network to its maximum potential and reap benefits.


Additionally, the staff at LinkedIn is taking the celebrations offline too. LinkedIn members are being thanked by the staff with free coffee, cupcakes and some cool tips about the LinkedIn Profile. A great way to further the celebrations to the offline world too apart from creating awareness about the milestone.

The growth of LinkedIn has been phenomenal in recent times, especially in the Asian continent. With 187 million users worldwide and more than 17 million from India, it had launched the Power Profiles of 2012 in India  for the first time. Launching it for Singapore has been timed well and this could be a motivation driver for others to be active on the platform and try to feature in the list the next time around.

Are you still having an incomplete and old LinkedIn profile and missing out on the required business connections or career opportunities? And, what do you think about LinkedIn Power Profiles?