Revamped LinkedIn App Inbuilt For BlackBerry 10 Devices

LinkedIn launches LinkedIn revamped app for Blackberry 10 devices.


Last week saw the reincarnation of Blackberry. The mobile handset not only announced launch of its two new models BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 on the Blackberry 10 platform but we also saw that Blackberry was no more RIM. The handsets that have been launched to compete with the superpowers in the mobile world such as the iPhone and the droids have got a new update from LinkedIn. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network has made an announcement on its blog that the new Blackberry devices already come with the LinkedIn app. In other words users need not download the app but just sign in and explore the professional network.

Charlton Soesanto, Associate Product Manager at LinkedIn shares in his blog post that the latest update on the new Blackberry 10 has some add ons when compared to the Blackberry 6 and 7 apps. The new features are:

1. LinkedIn messages can be read and responded directly from the app.

2. Complete LinkedIn Profile information.

3. Syncs your BlackBerry Calendar with the LinkedIn to see profile information for meeting participants to connect with them later on.

4. Available in more than 14 languages such as Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc.

LinkedIn Blackberry 10 app pictures

LinkedIn has been working hard on the user experiences on web as well as mobile from 2012. With more than 23% of users visiting the  network it is a desired move to see the company focusing on mobile.  Last year it initially came with an exciting iPad app and then later on during the month of September, 2012, Joff Redfern updated via a blog post about more goodness coming up for mobile users. iPhone and Android apps got the much needed boost in terms of new feature upgrades. Blackberry was not left behind and in the final week of October, 2012 Charlton shared at LinkedIn blog that LinkedIn had launched a completely revamped Blackberry app for BB6 and BB7.

And the latest announcement to show support to BlackBerry 10 is an advancement of LinkedIn’s vision to make the LinkedIn mobile experience simpler, better and faster for its global network of professionals.