9 Advertising Challenges That Marketers Are Still Facing On LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains the number one professional social network but the platform throws quite a few challenges to marketers when it comes to advertising


Editor’s Note: This is an exclusive guest post by Shweta Ayare, Head – Media Spends, Gozoop. The views expressed in this post are the author’s personal views.

For any marketer looking at b2b marketing, LinkedIn ads are a must to be the part of their media plan. Recently, the company announced that marketers running native ads through Sponsored Updates or Sponsored InMail campaigns can target user profiles based on a list of companies they want to reach with specific products or other sales. The feature, which is appropriately named LinkedIn Account Targeting, allows marketers to provide a list of as many as 30,000 companies they want to target in a campaign.

So at some point of time everyone of us must have advertised on LinkedIn. However, you have only tried it for a while and then stopped as you did not see the desired results.

Yes, LinkedIn has its flaws which compels a marketer to stay back, let us have a look:

Smaller ad sizes

The eligible size of 50 x 50 only allows the usage of face, which ultimately cannot be used for all the brands across. However, using non-face ads give us terrible CTR’s.

Lesser updates

LinkedIn ad platform hasn’t changed much since I started using it around 3 years ago. Whereas the others are much ahead in the race.

Account Promotion Is Ancient

LinkedIn Ads will let you promote your Company Page or even your personal account, but it doesn’t give the viewer an option to Follow! On Twitter and Facebook, you can promote your Page or Account and when people see the ad, one click makes them a fan or follower.

Ridiculously High CPMs

The minimum bid for LinkedIn is $2.50 a click or $10.00 per 1000 impressions. The minimum budget is $10.00 which will get us exactly 4 -5 clicks or 800 impressions. Since it is not goal based costs it really doesn’t matter to LinkedIn whether it works or not. You do not get a discount even for the best performing ads.

CPM Pricing vs. Goal-Based Pricing

Today when Twitter Ads give us an option of goal based pricing for all their self serve ads, wondering how CPM pricing for LinkedIn would work with extremely high CPM’s.

No Lead gen ad formats

Wonder why LinkedIn is taking this backwards, earlier they had a lead collection feature which was disabled in 2014. The reason they gave was the landing page is the best source to collect all the data.

No Custom Lists

Specific target lists of users in Facebook can be created using custom audience or on Twitter using tailored audience. Custom audience allows us to use the email id’s right from the CRM and use it to target users who already know the brand. This feature is unavailable with LinkedIn which makes targeting a giant pool, targeting anyone and everyone.

There’s No Remarketing!

Adwords introduced remarketing 5 years ago, at that point too it wasn’t an innovation. An advertiser can buy remarketing on Twitter, Facebook, Google Display Network and even Google search but LinkedIn stays back in this race.

No tracking

Google, Facebook and Twitter have conversion tracking and a simplified reporting dashboard. However, LinkedIn doesn’t have a conversion pixel. The only way to track them is adding tags to the destination URL’s and use Google Analytics. The only drawback is the conversion data does not appear alongside the campaign data.

Let us not forget the complicated internal structure one has to deal with if you do not approach with giant budgets. Too much of vertical and horizontal hierarchy to face.

However we cannot miss on LinkedIn because it is so far the no.1 platform for corporate social networking.