LinkedIn adds conversion tracking for sponsored updates, Twitter DMs finally get read receipts

Global digital news of the day - LinkedIn’s conversion tracking will provide specific details about which users are clicking through on sponsored content & text ads and which are becoming customers, Twitter is introducing read receipts, typing indicator bubbles, and detailed previews for links

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LinkedIn adds conversion tracking for sponsored updates: LinkedIn has added new capabilities to its Campaign Manager tool to help advertisers interested in measuring how many leads, sign-ups, downloads, and purchases came about through their sponsored updates. LinkedIn’s conversion tracking will provide specific details about which users are clicking through on sponsored content and text ads and which are becoming customers.

Instagram is building new zoom, filter, and GIF features for the iPhone 7 camera: The iPhone 7’s powerful new camera features will be getting the spotlight in an upcoming version of Instagram. Ian Spalter, Instagram’s head of design, appeared on-stage at the iPhone 7 launch event to demo the iPhone-inspired upgrades coming to his app. The iPhone 7 Plus telephoto zoom lens will be usable by dragging a single finger up and down in Instagram.

Video is giving The New Yorker a way to reach new readers: While many publishers are chasing speed and high output in video production, the magazine’s pace in video matches its print — slow, deliberate, and focused on getting the story right and protecting the brand. “You never want to do a video that’s the same thing as the print story,” said digital editor Nicholas Thompson.

LinkedIn boosts its publishing credentials with refreshed desktop interface: LinkedIn is rolling out an update to its desktop publishing tools today, as the soon-to-be Microsoft-owned company seeks to make its platform stickier for writers and readers. The interface sports a cleaner design, with the editing pane now stretching the full width of the screen. It is easier to add, edit, and resize multimedia objects, in terms of how they’re aligned alongside the text.

Facebook boldly emojis where no emojis have emoji’d before: Facebook is marking the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, in a few different ways. First, there’s a personalized greeting appearing atop News Feeds of users who’ve liked or otherwise interacted with Star Trek or sci-fi content on FB, and there’s also a special custom profile frame you can apply to your primary display pic. Finally, there are redesigned reaction emoji inspired by key characters form the series.

Twitter direct messages finally get read receipts, and yes you can turn them off: Twitter announced today a handful of upgrades coming to its messaging service on iOS and Android, introducing read receipts, typing indicator bubbles, and detailed previews for links — the latter being a noteworthy change for a social network that once banned external links in DMs.

Facebook makes it easier for brands to cross-post videos produced by publishers: Facebook made clear earlier this year that it’s cool with marketers paying publishers to produce branded videos and distribute them for free through the publishers’ Facebook Pages. Now it’s making it easier for the brands also to distribute the videos through their own Pages without needing to upload the videos themselves.

Twitter kills live notifications button only a day after rolling it out: Twitter had rolled out a new button yesterday that lets you subscribe to live video notifications for individual accounts. This feature was slated to make live video more prominent globally, across its platform. However, Twitter has rolled-back on this feature explaining that it’s ‘experimenting with different ways to discover live video on Twitter.’

Popular pets spawn a cottage industry of animal influencer agencies: The rising demand for pet influencers among marketers has spawned a cottage industry of influencer agencies trying to cash in on the opportunity. These agencies either solely focus on pets or have pet divisions of their own, including The Dog Agency, Bark & Co.’s BarkPack, Clever, Speakr and SocialFly.

How marketers are distributing 360-degree videos beyond YouTube and Facebook: Marketers and advertisers are pointing people to a 360-degree video experience with a teaser clip or display ad on a big publisher. Viewers don’t have to buy a headset, download a separate VR app or go to YouTube.