Gain New Fans For Your Facebook Page Through LikeKaro’s ‘Like Gating’ Concept

LikeKaro acts as an application which will restrict the non fans to ‘like’ your page at first before they view your content (an article/ video or any free resource shared)

LikeKaro App Review

Like Gating is used by many brands in various campaign strategies as a sure shot method to gain new fans. Brands have been creating campaigns based on giving away prizes to random fans on the condition of ‘Liking their page’ to be eligible to participate. Uday Ogra has created which adds a new dimension to Like-gating.

How does LikeKaro Work?

LikeKaro acts as an application which will restrict non fans to ‘like’ your page before they view your content (an article/ video or any free resource shared). The application works in the following steps, as explained by LikeKaro:

Suppose you are owner of Page XYZ and Target page is Page ABC.

1. First step is to add App to Page ABC.

2. Once added, in the below form first give some unique name.

3. Fill in the Destination URL which user will be redirected to once he/she likes the page.

4. Also fill the link to Page (Page ABC) and chose the Category destination URL belongs to.

5. Create the LikeKaro link and start sharing it.

Users will be first asked to ‘Like’ Page ABC and after that redirected to Destination URL. I tried the app for one of my pages and it does work without much problems. You can do this for any of the following categories - 1. Image, 2.Video, 3. Application, 4.Website and 5. Article.

All you need to do is punch in your destination along with your unique extension on LikeKaro’s domain for which you can check availability to get an idea if it is already taken. Once your link is created the message is flashed across for non-fans for like-gating. You can check your stats as to how much ‘hits’ were received across your page through the app from ‘Your Links’ section.

LikeKaro Steps

The app comes across as a nice utility factor for small businesses who can’t afford the big bucks to spend across Facebook to increase their fan acquisition and in such scenarios, they may focus on their content and such tools to increase their fans on Facebook.

Woobox is also one such company which focuses on Facebook customizable tabs for ‘like-gating’ and are widely known for their free opportunities to Page owners. LikeKaro, in the meanwhile, can also focus on other similar ‘free’ products as Facebook customizable tabs for Indian small businesses alike with a range of options to increase their user base. But as of now, LikeKaro delivers what it promises to be, an organic fan-acquisition helper for Facebook pages.

Have you tried LikeKaro yet? Do let us know what you think about the product.