Look Who’s Turned Two!

We celebrate two years in the Indian social media space


Phew! It has been quite a whirlwind of a year for us here at Lighthouse Insights. Prasant and I can’t believe we’ve completed two years with Lighthouse this Dec 1! It was just yesterday that we realised this fact and had a thousand little thoughts flashing through our minds – a year doing it part-time and then another year taking it full-time with also getting married in between! With tears of joy in an almost cliff-hanging position, we are happy to announce our second anniversary.

Lighthouse Insights turns twoWith our team constantly focusing on the road ahead, we just didn’t realise when we had built our fantastic community. From our numerous falls to our treasured learnings, our community which includes YOU has always egged us on and on and on.

Thanks to the loyal readers without whom we would have been left feeling rather lonely. Thanks to our ardent critics, mentors and competitors alike for helping us with the required push. Thanks to our team of regular contributors (Vijay, Vijeet, Omkar, Malhar) and guest authors for adding a dash of lemon to our staple diet. Thanks to Business2Community and PaulWriter for believing in us. And, a special thanks to our advertisement sponsors for contributing the ‘Vitamin M’ to our bootstrapped venture.

As we ring in another year, we promise to work harder to bring you the best of Indian Social Media. Please feel free to air your feedback be it bouquets, brickbats or badges, in the comments below.

Here’s a BIG thank you again to all you champions out there!

~ Team Lighthouse