Lighthouse Insights (LI) Has A New Responsive Look

Lighthouse Insights has a new responsive design

LI new site

With mobile already set to be the primary screen, having a responsive site is no more a want but a need.

At our end we had been trying hard to get a new responsive design from the last six months. Initial months went into finding a professional theme but none synched with our needs and when we finally decided to go for a design from scratch funds were a problem.

Nevertheless, after a lot of head banging over the weekend, ‘Lighthouse Insights (LI)’ finally underwent a makeover. The site has a new simplistic responsive design and a new logo.

The design has some inferences from sites that I appreciate for their seriousness towards UI and UX as a publisher. The new site has bigger visuals and more white space for a better reading experience. At LI we have always prioritized the reading experience and the new design has some glimpses of that philosophy.

While we still have ads that fuel our startup but one day I wish that LI would be an ad free site. In fact we have already started to work on this philosophy, so you will witness only one ad at the bottom of the mobile version.

Another major change we have done is that we don’t have social sharing counters but only a comments counter; being bloggers, we value comments more than social shares. We have also tried to enhance the search and going further I plan to make it more robust for better content discovery on the site.

Mobile compatibility has been a big drawback in our old design but no more. On mobile we have tried to simplify the design as much as  possible for a better reading experience. In the coming months we plan to have an exclusive mobile site where we will further simplify the site.

Beside this we have a new logo design. Continuing with simplification of our site identity, we chose to go with a simple text logo. For the color, we stuck to a combination hue derived from the earlier yellow and red text. So far as color psychology goes, the new shade of ‘orange’ represents optimism, confidence, adventure and a stimulation of both physical and mental energies, something we connected with when we chose the name ‘Lighthouse’.

Do give the new design a try, the implementation is a fresh one so leave a comment below if you find any glitches.