Lighthouse Insights Is Hiring A Senior Content Writer (Full Time)

Lighthouse Insights - Indian social media news is hiring a senior content writer

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Lighthouse Insights is a blog that has been covering the Indian social media space for more than three years now. Focused on LHI Logobringing current perspectives on the Indian social media space, we have stressed on insights from day one with the sole objective of creating interesting stories that are read and shared. To see this happen more, we have decided to hire a senior content writer.

Do you have around 2 years of experience in content writing or reporting with an interest in digital and mobile, then this could be a full time opportunity to work with us. Read on!

Eligibility Criteria

1. Two years experience in the reporting or content world. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in writing on digital and mobile markets. This isn’t a job opportunity for freshers.

2. Firm grip on the social and digital world while having a command on the international happenings in the space is a must.

3. You would be required to keep an eye on the news developments so having a social presence on Twitter is a must.

4. Basic knowledge of working around with WordPress is desired.

5. A good command on English language both written and spoken goes without saying.

Key Responsibilities

1. You would be required to focus on tracking, reporting news and conduct interviews.

2. You should not only have the intent of bringing stories but come up with new content ideas too.

3. At times you might be asked to attend and report on events, on need basis.

How To Apply

Interested? Then drop me an email at [email protected] with “Content Writer Opening” as the subject line along with the following information:

1. Relevant links to your blog/posts/stories. If you have reviewed apps then don’t shy away from sharing links.

2. Your resume along with a cover letter specifying why you are interested in joining us.

It doesn’t matter where you are based; we are happy to talk as long as you have a decent internet to work on your laptop. Whether you work from home or a coffee shop, the choice is yours. We like Self-Starters.