We Are Thrilled to Announce A Revamped LI – It’s Easier, Faster & Smoother

Lighthouse Insights will now load faster, is easier on the eyes and promises you an enhanced reading experience, whichever device you are on

LI new

Lighthouse Insights has just had a makeover! We are so delighted to bring to you an easier, faster and smoother LI, right on time as we stand to complete five years of existence tomorrow. Our new design is live, now you can enjoy an enhanced experience on your favourite digital and social media marketing publisher.

Months of scouting around for the ‘right’ look and feel for LI has finally borne fruit. The design (developed completely in-house) has been coded with love keeping only the reader in mind. This time we’ve been very fortunate to have a developer who was more concerned about LI than us.

This guy has written each line of code with a lot of love and caution, for the perfect deployment before going live. A couple of months of some serious coding by freelance developer ‘Naweed Chougle’, lots of coffee to help work late nights, and smart tweaking has brought forth our new design – a faster, lighter and smoother LI.

You can quickly find the latest articles of the day as well as discover exciting stuff on our ‘featured’ and ‘popular’ sections on the home page. Also, you can easily find and watch our video interviews on the site itself. Although we’ve been a responsive site for close to two years, the mobile experience wasn’t optimum. The new LI strives to give you a much enhanced user experience on mobile, so you can read LI on the go, on 2G as well!

There is more white space so you can enjoy reading our articles, no matter what device you are logged on.

LI is now being live tested to hunt for glitches, so do bear with us. Meanwhile, you can send your suggestions as a comment here or as an email to connect [@] lighthouseinsights [.] in