[#FundRaising] Help Lighthouse Insights In Raising Funds For YUWA Girls Who Deserve A New School

The YUWA girls have been invited to play at the Donosti Cup in Spain, but their dream is to have a new school back home in Hutup, Jharkhand. Come join us in making this a reality


I’ve always believed that as a publisher our job is half done if we are unable to create an impact on the ground. Writing stories is interesting and we love it but nothing like associating with the story and making an impact. We are glad to have found an opportunity to associate with a good cause and support it in the best way we can.

Lighthouse Insights (LI) has started a fundraising campaign to help build a new school for the YUWA girls. We wish to raise INR 1,50,000, we have already reached a lakh and can’t wait to reach our target.

Who are the YUWA girls and why do they deserve a school? YUWA is a not-for-profit organization that teaches tribal girls of Jharkhand to play football so that they are strong enough to take their own decisions and confident enough to face the world. On July 13, 2013, everything changed for these girls. All thanks to football and the efforts from founder Franz Gastler and his team. The bunch of tribal girls representing Yuwa India under-14, the all-girls team were placed third among 10 teams playing for the Gasteiz Cup in Victoria Gasteiz, Spain. Their victory surprised all!

This year, they have been invited to play at the Donosti Cup in Spain – the largest youth tournament with over 500 teams competing. But their aim is not just to play for the cup, they wish to raise funds to build their school back home in Hutup, a nondescript town in Jharkhand plagued with child marriage and violence against women. Education and football are the only ways to help them rise above their hurdles and truly empower them.

This year, Lenovo India has once again come on board to help the YUWA girls with “Girls with Goals” campaign. While chronicling their inspiring journey from Hutup to Spain, the core objective of the campaign is to raise awareness about YUWA and eventually drive corporate sponsorship for the new school in Hutup.

We are covering the digital-led campaign as an online publisher, but we believe they deserve more: the YUWA girls who are representing our country certainly deserve a school. As independent campaigners for the same cause, we at LI request you to join us, donate and make this a reality.

Here’s the link to support the cause with a donation: http://ket.to/lighthouseinsights.