With 1.47 Million Views, Lifebuoy’s ‘Help A Child Reach 5’ Goes Viral

About HUL Lifebuoy's handwashing campaign 'Help a child reach 5' touching close to 1.5 million views with 5K+ pledges taken so far on Facebook


“What’s the big deal on turning five years old?” you would say, but not after having watched the real deal of surviving till the age of five. Every year, two million children under five die of infections like diarrhoea and pneumonia. Lifebuoy has created a unique social campaign to create awareness on this disturbing statistic about children under 5 years. The campaign titled “Help a child reach 5” has received a strong response from the community with over 1.4 million views in just three weeks since its release on YouTube.

The Hindustan Unilever owned soap brand has been an active proponent of handwashing with soap and instilling a hygienic handwashing behaviour since many years. In an endeavour towards this, the brand aims to change the handwashing behaviour of a billion people by 2015, through a set of social mission programmes to educate about hygiene. This year Lifebuoy has adopted Thesgora, an Indian village with one of the highest rates of diarrhoea to spread the message of hygienic handwashing. And, Lifebuoy has been asking for our pledge to help promote handwashing education. So far, the campaign has received more than 5K pledges.

The YouTube page directs one to the Facebook application on the click of ‘Pledge on Facebook’, which can then be shared on your wall too. One can also follow the movement on Twitter through the hashtag #helpachildreach5.

‘Help a child reach 5’ reaches out on social media

Following a heartfelt appeal through the story of Gondappa and his son Muthu surviving his fifth birthday, Lifebuoy has managed to create a big impact on its social networks. The YouTube film has captured close to 1.47 million views while the Facebook page stands at 2.1 million fans. The 3.17 minute film was first seen as ads prior to the videos on YouTube and soon gained eyeballs. The film was released exclusively for the Facebook community after which the page has been extensively sharing the message urging fans to take the pledge and share with friends.

‘Help a child reach 5’ has been spreading through YouTube and Facebook, while the Twitter hashtag is further amplifying the message, though the Twitter page of Lifebuoy has been inactive since 2011. Call it clever marketing or corporate social responsibility, going by the majority of responses in the various social networks, Lifebuoy has certainly become a more ‘liked’ brand.