Philippines Startup Lifebit Promises To Be Your Socially Enabled Online Diary

The Philippines based startup, Lifebit is your online journal application which claims to make your life documented on the web in a social format.

Lifebit is your online journal application which claims to make your life documented on the web in a social format. The Philippines based start-up which has been funded by Kickstart Ventures aims to be your social link with new challenges and badges for grabs. The application is on similar lines of the popular mobile social application ‘Path’ but does offer some unique features to lean on to.

How does the app Lifebit work?

The welcome screen is greeted with a regular register button which you can either use your email or Facebook plug-in for. The basic features are just like any other social networking sites which allow you to upload pictures and share your thoughts across different platforms like Facebook/Twitter and Tumblr.

You can choose your moods while posting to different platforms along with your location information. The photo filters are also in place when clicking a photo directly from the app and does give some nice but limited options to play with. You can also schedule your posts to be posted later via the application which is always a nice add on to be inbuilt with the application. The ‘Scorecard’ system is also in place to make this application more interesting in order to increase the retention span of the user. Users can strive for earning badges about every activity or task they complete on Lifebit, be it from winning a Marathon to eating some Indian Food.

The leader-board is city based as well as global which can add a nice gamification twist to make the user competitive in nature and in turn spend some more time on the application to gain more points. It would be a great destination to be on and compete with on Lifebit once you have your friends too on the application.

As reported by TechInAsia, the application is going to get more interesting by adding real life incentives like gadgets and hotel bookings along with a point based system for users to reap in some real rewards along with the virtual championship. You can also suggest your own quests to the app which will earn you 30 points if they are selected, one of the better ways to do crowdsourcing and regulating the best ones.

For viewing your Friend’s scorecard, you need to have minimum of 4 friends to compete with on the application, more reasons to invite your friends to the application and increase participation. Although, the app does mention of having the ability to create a Doodle, I could not find the option on the Android version of the application. Either the option is hidden way inside the application difficult to reveal or the feature is only for iOS users as of now (Damn!). The feature would help a lot of users who are tired of using the same old text based means and do not want every post to be their family/friends photo on the wall.

How exciting is Lifebit?

The application as of now is used in Philippines and not yet heard of in India. But it can be catered across different markets as and when the app picks up momentum. Especially when you attach the real world incentive along with a virtual leader-board, things start to get interesting. The application does show a lot of promise with its concept. The app as of yet is in Alpha and does have some bugs as far as UX/UI is concerned. Some double touches and lags are expected but can be negated as the app draws to its full-fledged release in the Play Store.

How did you find Lifebit? Another competitor to apps like Path or something you can try and use. Do let us know in comments.

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