Life OK Engages Fans With Bomb Squad Test For 2612

A review of Life Ok's Facebook contest 'Bomb Squad Test' to promote its latest show '2612'

Life OK is the youngest entertainment channel to hit the Indian television viewers with its unique positioning that goes beyond melodramatic serials to more realistic and inspirational ones. In keeping with its philosophy of ‘cherishing what you have’, Life OK has launched a new show ‘2612’ based on the terror attacks that rocked Mumbai and the world on the 26th of November 2008.

The new show, on air since the 26th of November, aims to unite the nation to fight the bigger evil and get people to be more alert. The channel has lined up an interesting promotional strategy in an endeavour to get maximum reach across the country by leveraging both offline and online channels. Beginning with a felicitation event for the unsung heroes at Cafe Leopold prior to the show, the channel is spreading the word through various digital media.

It has launched a bomb squad test on its Facebook page that asks fans to crack the location of a suspected bomb blast site with the help of five clues. The answers to the clues will be hidden on the LifeOK Facebook page, Twitter page, LifeOK website and SMS-based hints from within the show. Each clue will take the user closer to the destination where the bomb (as per the game storyline) has been planted. Ten winners to get all five clues right will win gift vouchers worth Rs. 500. Let us explore.

About the 2612 bomb squad test app

The contest has been hosted on a Facebook app which welcomes you with the required information about the bomb squad test. There is also a button to get more information about the show in addition to the Terms & Conditions link listed at the bottom. Once clear with the T&Cs, you can proceed with the bomb squad test. There is no need to ‘like’ the page as it is an open contest.

A screen shot like the one above welcomes you with the map and the first clue giving the whereabouts of a terror suspect in the South-western region in India. The clue has a link that takes you to the Facebook wall from where you are supposed to unearth it. Clue 2 is a tweet which provides a link whereas clue 3 is an image on the channel’s website.

Clue 4 needs the participant to watch the trailer of the show on the YouTube brand channel and sms it as a short code. The final clue is a question, the answer to which lies in the episodes aired during the first 3 weeks of the show. All the while, the participant zooms closer to the destined location with the clues.

At the bottom is your ‘Search progress’ displaying the status of the clues you have cracked. I’ve been able to successfully crack four clues and am now at the question in clue 5, for which I have to watch the episodes.

How cool is the bomb squad test?

For a thriller show, this is an awesome game that not only engages the community but also helps bring them closer to the show’s theme and message. The thriller game concept is not unique though. The Louis Philippe Autumn/Winter collection 2012 was launched as a game too. Users were required to solve the mystery of the missing wardrobe on Facebook to be able to discover the collection. The game too involved finding clues but clues were within the app itself. Bomb squad test had clues hidden on its various digital properties.

The game experience is not so thrilling. But, the most striking aspect of the game is the location and manner in which clues are spread across various platforms. I was able to crack the clues quite smoothly as scanning through the brand’s digital properties be it the Facebook timeline, the Twitter page or the website was quite simple. It was cool fun taking the bomb squad test and it would have been better with matching incentives for the winner - a Rs. 500 voucher is not so tempting!

The app has been designed well and works perfectly without any glitches. Moreover, the execution and navigation add to the user experience making it a thrilling one similar to the show. Social media platforms have been well integrated in the campaign to bring about maximum visibility in the digital communities.

It remains to be seen how well the show catches up on television. Nevertheless, it is important to weave in a good media mix comprising social media especially for your television shows in this closely connected online world. And the show does that nicely! What do you think?