Take A Metro Daily? You Will Love These ‘Life In A Metro’ Images

Observing the behavioral insights of people who travel by metro, Manish Minglani and Ashwani Nagar have created a set of creative visuals titled Life In a Metro

Travelling by a metro is yet to become a habit after 60 years of independence. People of Kolkata may know the highs and lows of travelling in a metro but people from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are getting used to it.

It is fun, convenient and cuts the communication time drastically but it also comes with the baggage of our behavior traits. One of the very common example would be giving a damn about the queue or playing the latest Honey Singh hit on full volume since headphones got misplaced.

I am not the only one who thinks like this. Manish Minglani who stays in Delhi and takes the metro for his rides in the city agrees to the same. “Metro is quite a fun ride at anytime. Some of us love it, some hate it but we all have to deal with it.” Further he says, “In the last few months I observed people’s behaviour and found some really interesting insights.”

Based on it Manish and his friend Ashwani Nagar have come up with a set of 12 creative images shared on Facebook to expresses their interesting insights.

Alien attack – the mad rush to enter first and grab the seat even if the ride is for few minutes

Life In Metro1

Mast Malang people – never bothered who is standing and who needs a seat

Life in Metro6

Taak Jhaak – a culture embedded in our genes, we don’t stop in a metro also

Life in Metro5

The foodie in us makes every one hungry in the metro

Life in Metro4

The staring behavior that doesn’t leave

Life in Metro3

The cool show stopper, makes his own line


And the race never ends even if we are done with the ride

Life in Metro2

“Travelling in a metro is amazing but people really don’t care. If you try to stop them they will do more. So I thought just encourage them in a funny way of using pun,” informs Manish on the idea behind this creative work. May be next time we are a little more considerate while towards our fellow passengers in the metro.