Librarywala Launches Scribble To Unleash The Writer In You

An article about Scribble, a story-writing contest on Librarywala Facebook page


All avid readers invariably aspire to be writers one day. At least I do! We dream about our bestsellers being splashed all over the literary world. And catching on this dream is, the online library with its contest titled ‘Scribble – Unleash the writer in you’. I saw a Facebook ad and almost recognized a wonderful Facebook campaign behind it as well as an exciting campaign for me to cover.

In case you have an excellent story hidden in your mind, go ahead and pen it down at once, in not more than 4000 words. Next you should visit the Scribble app on the Librarywala Facebook page. Fill up the details, click submit and there you go. But this is not the usual Facebook contest that you can win with ‘likes’, so don’t think about bribing your friends to like your story. This is a real contest with a real judge. Ravi Subramanian, author of bestsellers ‘The Incredible Banker’ and ‘If God was a Banker’ shall be choosing the winning entries. And where is your story published, what else will you win? Top stories would be published in an e-book by Librarywala and get a signed copy of ‘The Incredible Banker’. So there’s no excuse for missing out on this.

Scribble, Story writing contest on Librarywala Facebook
Scribble, Story writing contest on Facebook

However a few things need clarification here,

  • I would be grateful if someone from Librarywala can explain what is meant by ‘Terms & Conditions apply’ in the Scribble app.
  • I don’t get a confirmation message once I submit a story nor an error message. I have tested it in Chrome, Safari, IE 8.
  • And if the size of the app is reduced as it takes a lot of scrolling now, I would be more than happy.

I am a fan of the Librarywala Facebook page, literally as well as I like what they do for their community. The wall is a delight for book lovers. And the ‘free bookmarks’ campaign, launched beginning this year, was highly effective with least overheads. You can read our review here.  Scribble is again an innovative concept, quite a doozie for an online library. I have come across story writing contests in many social media campaigns, especially blogging contests around new product launches or script-writing contests at crowdsourced talent hunt platforms. But, this is the first time I have seen an online library host a story writing contest.

Some of the key points worth noting in this campaign are:

  • As the Librarywala community is made up of devoted readers, by hosting a story-writing contest, the brand is not only catering to the reading needs of the fans but also helping them live their dream. This may lead to long term customer loyalty, not forgetting the positive word of mouth generated for the brand.
  • The fact that Scribble is not based on “likes”  but on your writing skills makes this contest a winner

In my view, Librarywala is a good example for SME’s who want to adopt social media, and do not have the requisite budgets to emulate larger enterprises. So hurry up with your story as Scribble is on till April 30 and Good luck to you!