Librarywala-An Online Social Library

A casestudy showing how is using social media in India

A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life - Henry Ward Beecher

As a student we were taught the importance of reading books and today when we look back sometimes, don’t we miss the old libraries? Library was just not for books, it was a meeting, gossip and learning place too. But how many of us can walk back on the stairs of the library again? It’s just not about the fast food life we are living but it’s also about the range of books that makes a library special till day. Okay! getting nostalgic now. This update is about that brings us a virtual library in front of our screens., the online circulating library is India’s first online library and  is an effort to bring back the local lending library model to online. It boasts of having 22,000 paperback books and with free home delivery and pick up books. Along with this amazing vision, Librarywala also has a great social media presence. This got us to dig in more.

Social Media Presence of Librarywala

Librarywala’s social media presence is of awareness and reaching out to its community. The objective should be clear for anyone who is joining a social network; for once that is clear, finding one’s community becomes easy. This will also help you in producing rational content. Librarywala has a great presence on Facebook but we are delighted to see how they have built a solid presence on their blog. Let’s catch up more individually on each social network.

Terrific use of Blog: We always think a blog is a must if you really want to spread your wings in social media. It’s your digital asset and Librarywala definitely knows this. The content on the blog is quite innovative and engaging too. From book reviews to interviews they have a mix of content. The content is being appreciated by the community which is reflected in the recent comments widget. The Blog also reflects presence on other social networks in a simple way. Post more and keep your blog growing, you guys are doing a great job on your blog.


  • How about finding some other cool templates so that it gives a glance of all articles as snippets.
  • Even arranging the widgets will give an ease to readers. Since you are using BlogSpot make your tags look like categories that will help readers to browse quickly.

Facebook Engagement: Social media presence is more about helpful, interesting content and simultaneously engaging with your community. Librarywala is  doing that quite efficiently. With a fan base of 1935, the engagement is really cool. The content is interesting and well appreciated by readers. Just look at this content where they are trying to introduce a new scheme and they did a poll and it has been well responded.

Smart Engagement

This kind of content creates lot of appreciation in the community and this sentiment is reflected on another fan’s post.

Facebook Community Love

Librarywala we are in awe with your content and the courage to face negative feedback too. This is awesome a thread that shows how you have handled your online reputation. Brands need to take a crash course on this .Keep it up.

Amazing Facebook Reputation


  • You have an amazing landing page then why hide it? Make your welcome page as the landing page which will help Facebook users to understand what you guys do.
  • Why not use the Questions to see more interaction on your page?
  • And appreciating your community would definitely be a great bonus for you.

Twitter Engagement: The Twitter presence is decent but nothing close to Facebook. We do understand that managing simultaneous networks is not an easy job. Frequency is decent and with 445 followers, it is making a mark on Twitter too. It is talking to its community that is one of the key factors.

Smart Engagement

The content that is being shared is amazing and one great thing that you guys are not duplicating content on all networks.

Helping the Community

TIP: Being more active and engaging can get you really going on Twitter.

Youtube: Videos have an amazing power if used efficiently and Librarywala have few decent videos. It’s great to see videos of readers.

[youtube 8akBIoW-YKs 600 300]


  • How about starting a video contest amongst your community? Try it, you won’t be disappointed!
  • You can conduct video interviews too.

Librarywala, keep up your efforts and engage more efficiently. This would help you to be a champion among your community. What say?