Call For Submissions For LI Digital Campaign Awards 2015

The second edition of 'LI Digital Campaign Awards 2015' is out. The best get featured in our 2015 Best Campaigns eBook while top three win trophies

LI digital campaign awards 2015

The growth of digital marketing in India has been a slow and steady one with digital gradually taking over a larger pie in the marketing mix than it ever did earlier. Television may still be the dominant medium to reach out to the masses, but digital and social media combined can form a formidable medium for long term consumer engagement.

Moreover, the growth of the digital ecosystem in India means catering to an ever evolving consumer on digital. It means faith and experimentation to bring about the best consumer connect with the brand. And brands are bracing to face the challenges. Marketers are investing in the medium not just armed with decent budgets, but also with innovation and meaningful engagement.

As 2015 is nearing its end, it’s time to recognize and reward once again the best examples of digital marketing in the country. In our second edition, we call upon all brands and agencies in the space of digital marketing to submit their two best campaigns of 2015 for a chance to compete in ‘LI Digital Campaign Awards 2015’.

In our first edition, we received over 90 case studies from 30 digital marketing agencies, big and small. We stacked and shuffled them around to finally pick only the best case studies we could all benefit from. The 29 best case studies on social media marketing in India for 2014.

This year we have brought some exciting changes that will motivate you to be part of this initiative. Submitted 2015 case studies will go through a shortlisting process based on criteria like how well has the executed campaign been aligned with the brand objective, creativity, originality and consumer connect achieved. The shortlisted ones make it to the eBook as well as move to the final round. The top 3 case studies from these will be awarded with a trophy and some goodies!

Submissions cost INR 20,000 for two case studies.

What’s in it for agency/brand:

1.  The chance to feature your campaign in our 2015 Ebook.

2.  Trophies for the top three campaigns.

3.  You can also feature any one of the two campaigns on LI.

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How to submit campaigns:

1. Email us the campaign details in a Word document according to the below format:

– About the client

– About the agency

– Problem statement

– Identified objectives

– The Strategy/ execution

– Results

– Observations/lessons

2. Do provide screenshots for the results achieved and campaign images as separate attachments in the email

3. If you have visuals/video that show results then do share that too.

4. Send only a maximum of 2 best case studies of year 2015 only.

5. Send email to connect[at]lighthouseinsights[dot]in

6. Cost of submission is INR 20,000

7. Last date for submissions is December 7th, 2015 (now extended to Dec 17, 2021)

Submission cost is INR 20,000 and the last date for submissions is Dec 17, 2015. Please email connect[at]lighthouseinsights[dot]in for payment procedure and case studies submission.