29th September 2017 last date for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017

LI Content marketing awards 2017

Lighthouse Insights (LI) has chosen to extend the submission dates for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017. The last and final date for submissions is now 22nd 29th September 2017.

This online awards initiative is open for agencies as well as brands. Here is all what you need to participate and be in the winning list of LI Digital Campaign Awards 2017:

This year we have 16 categories for you to nominate your work. The entire list may be found here.


Online content marketing awards for brands and agencies.

16 participating categories + 2 special awards category.

1 entry = 1 case study per category. Cost per entry INR 20,000/-.

More than two entries get a discount.

Case study featured on LI for FREE.

Winners get LI awards.


1. Email to connect[at]lighthouseinsights[dot]in the case study details only in a Word document according to the below format:

– About the client

– About the agency

– Problem statement

– Identified objectives

– The Strategy/ execution

– Results

– Observations/lessons

2. Do provide screenshots for the results achieved and case study images as separate attachments in the email.

3. If you have video case studies then provide us the link.


1. 1 entry = 1 case study per category. Cost per entry INR 20,000/-.

2. If you submit more than two entries, you get a discounted price of INR 15,000 per entry.


1. Submitted case study gets featured on LI for FREE.

2. Post evaluation, best deserving case studies from each category win LI trophies.