#LHIMustRead: On Terrorism & Social Media, Chinese Courts Adopting Social Media; Review Of Café Cuba, Rinema; Story Of AAP, Grey Digital And More

Stories from Indian social media to be read in the weekend

The week gave us an opportunity to bring interesting news and exciting stories from Indian social media but most of us don’t have the time to consume the insightful articles or the big social media campaign reviews and app reviews. I hope the weekend will give you some time to go through a few of our interesting stories, which we have curated below (Click for the must reads of the last week).

1. On The Growing Interest Of Terrorist Organizations For Social Media And Challenges For Social Networks: Global terrorism on social media is getting its support from social media. The recent use of Twitter by Somalia’s Al-Shabaab militant group and al- Qaeda group justify the point. We look at the trend and growing challenges to social networks. Read more here.

2. TCS Global Trend Report: Companies To Spend $19M On Social Media In 2013 But Only 10% Have Gained Business Benefits: Companies across the globe, including India, will spend an average $19 million (Rs 119 crore) on social media this year, a global study by IT services major TCS said. We study the detailed report. Read more here.

3. Chinese Courts Embrace Social Media In An Attempt To Improve Reputation Of Legal System. Really? Chinese courts will now use social media to broadcast judicial proceedings. The move which has been adopted to improve the reputation of legal system in the country has lot of exceptions too. Read more here.

4. Parle Agro’s Café Cuba Is All Set To Create A Revolution On Social Media: Review of Parle Agro’s Social Media campaign for its new coffee flavoured carbonated beverage - Café Cuba. Read more here.

Cafe Cuba Facebook poster

5. Centre Fresh Creates Buzz For Its New Guessing Game ‘Gum Charades’ On Social Media: Perfetti Van Melle owned gum brand Centre Fresh has launched an online guessing game called ‘Gum Charades’ that uses social media to maximize reach. Read more here.

6. Rinema Lets You Organise, Share And Explore New Movies: Review of Rinema - a ‘Goodreads for movies’ platform founded by Grishma Udani, where one can organise, share and explore movies from across the globe. Read more here.

7. The Organic Growth Story Of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) On Social Media: Story of Aam Aadmi Party’s organic growth on social media, along with insights from the social media team. Read more here.

Arvind Kejriwal Facebook

8. On The First Anniversary Of WeAreMumbai Founder Karan Joshi Speaks About India’s First Rotation Curation Twitter Account, Challenges And Road Ahead: Interview with Karan Joshi, Founder of @WeAreMumbai - India’s first rotation curation Twitter account, that gives a common platform for Mumbaikars to speak to their citizens. Read more here.

9. From Digital Relevance To Organised Chaos, Sudhir Nair, SVP And Head, Shares The Journey At Grey Digital: Interview with Sudhir Nair, Sr. Vice President and Head at Grey Digital to understand the work the agency is doing on social and digital, challenges of social media and the future. Read more here.