Let Us Meet!

by Prasant Naidu on February 27, 2022

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Lighthosue Insights

Our first meet up :)

Let Us Meet

2012 has one extra day in this month, which we thought of using in an effective way. I have been playing with the idea to do a small offline meet-up in Pune with our Blog readers and fans on Social Media so here we are. We are having our first offline meet up at LingerOn on 29th February 2012!

Event Details:

Day: 29th February 2012

Time: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Place: No. 2, Mont Vert Zenith, Baner Road, Aundh , Pune

Objective: The first meet up is planned with two things in focus - 1) To meet our readers and fans in person and 2) To be an offline platform for meaningful social media discussions.


6:30-7:00 – Gathering and getting comfortable

7:00- 7:15 – We share some thoughts minus gyaan with you

7:15- 7:45 – Everyone shares their story and feedback with us

7:45 – 8:00 – Networking and saying goodbye until next time

What the event may shape up as:

Yes we want to carry this kind of activity going further with your suggestions. The idea is to create an offline platform where we can share and grow with Social Media.

So you think it is cool to meet us and say hello? Do join us on the 29th. You can join our Facebook event page to be connected. You still have any queries, then quickly tweet me at @LHInsights or mail me at [email protected]

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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