Experience Commerce Sets The Show On Digital With #LenovoPowerPlayer For Vibe P1

Prior to the launch of Lenovo Vibe P1, the brand ran a pre-buzz digital campaign #LenovoPowerPlay to target the corporate audience and sell the powerful, elegant features


Are you ready to be the Power Player? This question stole my attention recently while I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed. On click the content drove me to a microsite that looked as if I was being welcomed to a path of hell.

Interactive face to face with P1

Nicknamed as P1, the man in full beard with dark shades reminded me of the 80’s villain who was asking me if was ready to be part of the world’s toughest interview. Who hates challenges and that too sitting in your drawing room hiding behind the walls of Internet?

P1 had some tips for me to ease off but my young blood ignored them and went straight for the interview rounds. What starts thereafter is the sheer dominance of P1 and showing me how bad he is as a boss. The interactive video is a test where your previous work experience and resume is of no use. You can survive only if you have the power and energy. I did and I was told to sign up by P1 to see the results on 21st October, that is today.

Coincidentally, today Lenovo has launched two new smartphones in India, the Lenovo Vibe P1 and P1m. Priced at Rs. 15,999 and Rs. 7,999 respectively, the smartphones are exclusive to Flipkart. Before you make a guess, let me tell you The Power Player is a pre-buzz digital campaign for the Vibe P1 and P1m.

Both the Lenovo Vibe P1 and Vibe P1m run on Android 5.1 Lollipop, and are powerhouses featuring 5000mAh and 4000mAh batteries respectively. These powerful smartphones also have a better display, processor, camera and storage capacity. In short while the focus from Lenovo is to pitch P1 as a powerful phone but with the much required features.

Like every campaign throws a challenge, this one also did as the phone was majorly targeting corporate people with a male dominance, informed Sandip Maiti, CEO at Experience Commerce, Mumbai based digital agency for Lenovo India. “The idea was to get the attention of the people who are working in corporate because it has exceptional features with the strongest battery. It was a pretty quick campaign and since it was a powerful phone, our focus was to build creatives and content around power.”

“Our belief was that the whole power play concept would appeal to people who are working rather than a college going teenager,” he added.

The microsite also had a section where it was looking for aspiring players. “Join The League” was the call and more than 2000 entries have been submitted within last few days. The microsite has pulled out some of the best entries on the portal and the gratification is not free phones but a small power kit that is going to be loved by a corporate guy.

While there is so much of content play, the portal makes sure to give a mild hint of a new phone. The core features of the phone have been listed and fans have been asked to guess the device.


Facebook and Twitter both have been the social media channels for interaction. The video that P1 opens up the challenge for participants to climb the corporate ladder has got interesting numbers on Facebook. The video has achieved 112K views but most importantly the video has a watch time of 80%. In other words on an average the 30 second video is being watched till 24 seconds by most viewers. As good as seeing the complete video; an encouraging metric for a marketer.


Twitter started with conversations around #ThePowerPlayer and asking people if they can crack the tough interview

The conversations then moved to #PowerPlayAtWork

With the launch day nearing the Twitter conversations circulated around #FaceOffWithP1 and #LenovoPowerPlayer.

Not to mention the customary trending also happened for #LenovoPowerPlayer.

No big bang but still makes a point

Not a big bang campaign but still makes a point with its target audience. Even Sandip was candid enough to accept that it wasn’t a big bang approach as A7000 or K3 Note but it got a satisfactory response from the digital natives. “It does what it is supposed to do; it puts the phone at the right place and stature. Otherwise it is very difficult today to peg a phone into the consumers mind. So we had to establish the phone in the power league and we were able to do that in a very short time.”

This isn’t the first time that Experience Commerce is launching a Lenovo smartphone through a digital only approach. At the promotions of A6000 brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor was interacting with fans on six different social network, during the launch of A7000 the phone was pushed on digital with storytelling in mind and the very recent K3 Note asked fans on how would they put their smartphones to rest. The idea was not to talk bad but share the fond memories of their old smartphones.

However, #PowerPlayAtWork digital campaign once again sets a new benchmark for its unique way of approaching the target audience, interactive video to keep the user glued till the end and the subsequent interactions being driven on social channels.

The modus operandi on digital for all the Lenovo phones has been similar but what sets every campaign apart is the way every single story is being told. All other pieces of the campaign are stitched together to tell a believable story to the millennials, who do not like boring TV ads.

With the phone being launched today and out on stores from the next week, Lenovo plans to ship the P1 first and then push the P1m. That is when the agency would be busy again in running the performance media to generate sales.