#PitchToHer - One Smart Idea Can Impact The Life Of These Football Loving Girls

Yuwa and Lenovo are giving you a chance to pitch your ideas that could solve real life problems for the YUWA girls. Selected ideas get a sponsored internship

What do you do if electricity goes off everyday after a certain time? May be people like us who live in the concrete jungle wouldn’t understand what life is like in a village in Jharkhand. But a travel blogger who gave up his 9 to 5 job is pitching an idea to solve this problem.

Similarly a flying instructor from England is pitching an idea where he wants to use rocket stoves that are more efficient than traditional stoves. All this and more pitches are being crowdsourced to improve the lives of the Yuwa girls - girls from a village called Hutup near Ranchi in Jharkhand. Girls who rarely get a chance to choose their own future. But then the girls of Yuwa are rewriting their script—and it all starts with football.

Jharkhand – one of the poorest, least literate, and most lawless regions of India, also has one of the highest incidences of child-trafficking, and is consistently at the bottom on most human development indices.

This was one of the reasons Franz Gastler, from Minnesota, US, started Yuwa so that the girls are strong enough to take their own decisions and confident enough to face the world. Apart from training in football, the not-for-profit organization provides coaching in English and math. It also holds a range of workshops—everything from learning-based fun and games for the younger children to gender and violence discussions for the older girls.

Founded in 2009, Yuwa is now one of the largest girls’ football programs in India, with 250 players, 150 of whom practice daily. In 2013, the team finished third in an under-14 tournament in Spain, and last year they travelled to the US to take part in the Schwan’s USA Cup.

Today these girls have made a mark for themselves on the football fields and even at platforms like TEDx speaking about their lives.

In this next phase the NGO is calling bright minds to pitch smart ideas that can impact the life of these girls. They could be ideas such as building a mobile app to track football attendance for the girl coaches or even build noise proofing for Yuwa’s tin-roof classrooms.

If your idea gets selected after you have convinced the Yuwa girl then you will be invited to visit Hutup for a month-long sponsored internship. This is your chance if you want to make a difference, where you get a chance to pitch your idea, convince and execute.

More details on how you can crack this internship and if you are all set then pitch your idea here. Before that you might want to take a look at the featured ideas so far.

To back this initiative Lenovo has come forward as it did when the girls were invited to participate in the USA cup. This year, the mission for the brand is to empower them with technological knowledge that’ll propel them towards a smarter, better world.

Besides you can follow the happenings on digital by either following Facebook and Twitter feeds of Lenovo or best follow the live feed from Hutup on #PitchToHer.

At the end of the internship you not only walk away with a life changing experience by executing your idea, you also get a certification from Lenovo.