How Lenovo’s Digital Only Campaign For K3 Note Drove Sales Of 47,440 Smartphones In 5 Seconds

Understanding the digital and social media campaign for Lenovo's K3 Note smartphone by Experience Commerce to increase awareness and drive sales

Lenovo Ke Note #KillerNote

Buying a smartphone under Rs.10,000 isn’t an easy job anymore. The choices are many, upgrades happen too fast leaving the consumer always wanting for more. According to the latest data released by UC Web — a popular Chinese internet company best known for its mobile browser — about 65 percent of Indian users sport a phone that carries sub Rs. 10,000 price tag.

While players like Samsung India Electronics is a clear leader with a 27.8% market share, followed by Micromax Informatics at 15.3% and Intex Technologies (India) at 9.4%; China-headquartered Lenovo Corp which became the fifth largest smartphone market in the county is now eying the third position in the country.

In fact Lenovo India claims to have sold 1 million 4G-enabled Lenovo A6000, A6000 Plus, and A7000 smartphones in India via Flipkart this year till June 2015. According to the company these numbers are going to change as it gears up for its first flash sale for a new device priced smartly below Rs.10,000, the K3 Note. As we write Lenovo has officially declared that the sale that received more than half a million registrations, sold more than 47K handsets today in just a matter of 5 seconds.

Till last quarter 2014, Lenovo (along with Motorola) was not even figuring in the top five categories in the country. To a certain extent the credit goes to the way Lenovo as a brand is approaching the market. The brand has tweaked its image to be a more digital and millennial friendly one, at the same time preparing itself to go the online way for selling products. According to Dataquest, a Cyber Media India Ltd publication, Lenovo made Rs.5,740 crore in India for financial year 2013-14.

We have already seen in the first half of 2015, how Lenovo along with its digital agency Experience Commerce has churned out interesting digital campaigns to promote its smartphones among the millennials or the digital natives. Latest being the focus on storytelling to push Lenovo A7000 to millennials.

Similarly the brand involved Bollywood heart throb Ranbir Kapoor  to interact with fans on six different social networks for a day for promoting the A6000. The campaign was tied around original visual content backed with co-creation. Besides the campaign proved that a brand can have an impact on multiple social networks only if it uses the uniqueness of a social network by creating original content.

Lenovo K3 Note a decent upgrade from the A7000, isn’t a mirror copy of the latter but has significant upgrades to the internal hardware. The 4G-enabled K3 Note runs Android 5.0 Lollipop with features like 5.5-inch display, 13MP rear and 5MP front camera, 1.7GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB in-built storage (expandable up to 32GB).

With features like this, the K3 Note was also available at a very attractive price so the agency decided to play on it but stayed away from just being another smartphone digital campaign that talks about features and runs contests. “It is a killer smartphone so we played on it. The price was not revealed during the launch of the digital campaign. Besides all smartphones have issues whether it be the battery, screen, audio, among others. Based on this insight we asked fans to put their smartphone to rest for Lenovo’s K3 Note,” Sandip Maiti, CEO at Experience Commerce said.

Sandip further informed that while they were asking fans to put their smartphones to rest, the idea was not to talk bad but share the fond memories with their old smartphones. “We wanted fans to put their phones to rest for K3 Note but while you do that do on a happy note. Do it by sharing some fond memories and move ahead.”


To begin with Lenovo started sharing some very interesting visuals to build the hype.

Thereafter the digital campaign - #InthenameofK3 was launched on social media with a guiding link to the microsite where one needed to rest their phone with some fond memories. For 3 to 4 days, social media, specially Twitter, was creating the buzz, keeping the momentum going and motivating people to bury their phones.

Finally #KillerNote or the new K3 Note was revealed with sync-up of the offline event.

Post that social media channels were all about the K3 sale and the milestone it achieved from its maiden sale.

Simultaneously, spreading the buzz to the masses, Lenovo brought in its cherished brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor who joins Geeky Ranjit’s webshow and creates some decent fun. The video has fetched more than 37K views.

Along with the creative campaign the agency was involved in running a heavy duty media campaign using the same assets and ran creative banners on impact and performance media to generate sales.

Digital only driving the sales of Lenovo K3 Note

At a time when most of us are cribbing about something or the other on social media, it was heartening to take a step ahead and talk about fond memories. Tying these fond memories to a marketing activity has given enormous engagement when the goodies were just priority passes for the sale that happened today on Flipkart. Sandip informed me that more than 5000 people took the efforts to land on the microsite and bury their phone.

“This was genuine fan engagement when the giveaways were just priority passes. So if you are not a genuine fan you won’t be spending so much time in doing all the activities related to burying a phone. This wasn’t a campaign for contest mongers but for genuine fans.”

The engagement was interesting and so were the thoughts of the users while they were burying their phones on the microsite for K3 Note. On a business level, these thoughts submitted by users are valuable to Lenovo as there were lots of fans burying their old Lenovo phones with added thoughts.

Another success measuring parameter for the campaign has been Google Trends. Lenovo K3 Note was at the top of the Google trending searches leaving behind Bobby Jindal on June 25th, 2015. “Over the time we have realized if there is something really buzzing on the Internet it needs to reflect on Google Trends. When people go out and search for it, is the acid test for your campaign which will tell whether you have really built up the buzz or not.”

With no major giveaways and no digital influencer campaign, the K3 Note has smartly pulled out some eye popping engagement numbers at a time when Indian smartphone brands are still catering to contest players for promoting their phones.

One after the other, Lenovo with Experience Commerce, is shifting the digital benchmark. We saw it happening at the launch of A6000, then during A7000 and now for K3 Note where digital is not only driving the brand awareness but also sales. Sandip proudly adds that all this has been done without any spends on any traditional medium - only digital is driving the sales of Lenovo smartphones in India.