#ScienceOfCool – Lenovo Finds The ‘Why’ Behind Cool Videos In A Series Of Videos With A Comedian

For the Yoga 900 and Tab 3 PRO digital promotions, Lenovo India goes full out on videos decoding cool with the help of stand-up comedian Sahil Shah

I subscribe to the YouTube videos uploaded by Joe Weller. The video that made me a fan of this young British lad was the one that imagined WWE fights in an insane way. Raking in more than 15 M views, the video mimics WWE fighters in a hilarious way, all on the street confusing the passers-by.

Now can you decode why the video went viral, pretty tough unless you are a digital marketing ninja (pun intended). But to my surprise, standup comedian Sahil Shah has tried to decode it to find out whether there is a science behind the cool video or is it just random.

The two-minute video goes on to share Sahil’s take on why the video is too cool. For instance you don’t need a ring anymore, the whole world is the battlefield and then there is a referee always where the fight is happening (video embedded at the top).

Not just the WWE fight video, Sahil goes on to decode the different aspects of Thug Life. In the video he says that you can either be thug or bro, you can’t be both at the same time, but if you are a cat you’re sorted. Check the below video (1:34 minutes) to know what I mean.

There is no doubt that Sahil is cool but way more cool is the Lenovo Yoga 900 laptop since you can always switch between laptop to tablet. So don’t panic if your screen goes missing, just switch from tablet to laptop mode, says Sahil in this video.

Another video is a product pitch of the Yoga laptop but way cooler. How would you sell a laptop that’s super slim at 14.9 mm to today’s youth, it has to be in a cool way. Check out the multiple experiments that Sahil does in this video with Yoga 900:

Yoga 900, the convertible laptop is the latest offering from the house of Lenovo. Launched last year The Yoga 900 improves upon last year’s Yoga 3 Pro in almost all of the right ways. “Most notably, it has a much faster processor and a couple more hours of battery life than the Yoga 3 Pro. And it ships running Windows 10, a cleaner and more user-friendly OS than Windows 8,” said The Verge in its review. According to Lenovo, the machine that comes with an Intel Core i7 processor is the thinnest and lightest 13-inch Windows 10 convertible laptop. Priced at Rs. 1.22 lakh in India, the machine has been aimed at lifestyle users rather than professionals added The Financial Express.

To promote this machine and the Yoga Tab3 Pro, a multimedia masterpiece, Lenovo India launched the ‘Science Of Cool’ digital campaign in association with its digital agency Experience Commerce.

Last year Lenovo had revealed its new branding at the company’s Tech World event in Beijing under the idea “Never Stand Still.” Starting up in the computer business, the brand today is more known as a smartphone company, though it is still the No 1 PC brand in the world.

Taking forward it’s young and vibrant brand image, Lenovo’s Science of Cool is an attempt to find the why behind the cool things happening in the world – “When the world thinks cool, we think why.” For this message they needed a cool guy who can take this madness forward, and so Sahil became the face of the campaign.

While Sahil has been busy decoding the cool videos and showcasing the powers of Yoga 900, the campaign also involved the fans on social media. The brand initially asked fans to spot the coolest video on the Internet and if the videos are really cool participants win vouchers. Besides, all these videos submitted by fans are a part of the coolest list of videos. Here is the playlist of 48 videos, starting with Game of Thrones cover and remix.

All this content from the funny videos, to the user-submitted cool videos from the Internet are being housed at the  Science of Cool portal. The home section has the cool videos featuring videos, Playlist of Cool is the user submitted videos and required information about Yoga 900 and Yoga Tab 3 PRO.

On social media, apart from sharing the videos, the brand had some fun engagements, especially on Twitter.

Videos done right with the right influencer

It isn’t rocket science to understand that the world likes videos right now and brands are following the same path. Lenovo India does the same for its latest campaign, however, what stands out in #ScienceOfCool is the way the products are being promoted and the choice of influencer.

You can either stick a minute long ad on my face boasting about the bold specifications of the machine, or say the same thing in a cool, fun way that induces me to share and spread the word. The set of videos do the same, not only are there product videos in there, but the brand has mixed it well with the cool videos on the Internet too.

The campaign execution in phases is well thought through. First the brand involved fans to share their cool videos from the Internet and created a playlist to make them feel special. This opened up the coolness factor of the campaign; later Sahil joined in and decoded some of the viral videos of the Internet. By this time science of cool was right there on fans’ minds, a perfect time to launch the product specific videos but again they have been done in keeping with the coolness quotient.

The choice of the influencer has been perfect here; Sahil is a stand-up comedian and quite popular on social media too. So he has a voice that’ll be heard by the audience on the Internet and he does a pretty good job by adding the much needed swag.

This isn’t the first time that Lenovo India and Experience Commerce leveraged influencers for their campaigns. Lenovo #GoodWeird was one of the memorable influencer campaigns from 2015, where a series of films chose to go the creative storytelling path rather than the usual documentary approach. It featured Eina Ahluwalia, India’s first conceptual jewellery artist; Chef Saransh Goila who creates his own fusion dishes, and fashion designer Nikhil Thampi, where each shared how their creativity and the flexibility of the Yoga tab let them create something GoodWeird. (Read: 15 Memorable Influencer Marketing Campaigns Of 2015)

Science of Cool has brought the coolness factor and visibility but will it be able to spike the sales of the gadget, only time can tell.