#GoodWeird Stories: Lenovo Showcases Influencers Who Are Challenging Norms

A chef, a jewellery designer and a fashion designer who are challenging society norms resonate with Lenovo’s brand identity “Never Stand Still”

Have you ever thought of having Mac N Cheese in a Kachori or a Pav Bhaji Pie? Sounds a bit weird but if you are a food lover you would be excited to try out the fusion of street and gourmet food. However that wasn’t the case with popular Chef Saransh Goila when he tried to convince his friends to check out street food. Finally he was left on his own to try the street food and come up with something really weird but delicious.

Saransh goes out all alone on the streets to try the delicious street food of India. Armed with his Lenovo Yoga tablet he sets on a mission in the kitchen set up on a lovely beach. What happens thereafter is pure gastronomical delight. He prepares Mac N Cheese Kachori, Coconut cooler, Pav Bhaaji pie in 10 minutes flat for his friends. Isn’t that a #GoodWeird creation from the chef who blends classy food with massy taste?

The video is part of the global campaign run by China-based Lenovo, the leader in PC brand worldwide. Lenovo had a 19.2% market share at the end of 2014, representing growth of 10.1% year over year, according to IDC.

Lenovo Global - #GoodWeird

The multi-year campaign from Lenovo is an attempt to tell the story of its most recognizable consumer products – YOGA convertibles, tabletop PCs and tablets – in a new marketing campaign, dubbed #Goodweird. Appropriately named, #Goodweird illustrates how YOGA products embrace unexpected design and functionality – design that’s arguably weird, but in a good way because of the amazing things these products enable people to do.

“We’ve fundamentally changed the way we think about defining the Lenovo brand, from the tools we use like crowdsourcing and social media to how we get things done with our balanced 360° agency model”, said Quinn O’Brien, Lenovo Vice President, Global Brand Strategy, Content & Design, Lenovo. “The #Goodweird campaign really brings all of these forces to life in a clever and engaging way that’s genuine to the purpose of our products.”

With millennials in the mindset, about two years ago Lenovo started thinking on these lines and decided to focus on one key subset: design trendsetters. “Design trendsetters are the people in the social group who care what others think about them, and they buy products and get close with brands because those brands say something about them,” Quinn said to Adage.

“It’s as simple as that. They are a large segment, they are a powerful segment in terms of their spend and buying power, and their friends and peers will look at their products and say, ‘What is that?’ and they will feel like they are leading a trend.”

The company is directing a portion of its “Goodwerid” campaign spending to prominent YouTubers and Viners who are already creating videos catered around the theme.

Lenovo India - #Goodweird

India is a key market for Lenovo since the country is the second largest smartphone market dominated by youth. Lenovo’s smartphone shipment market share increased 6% in the June quarter of 2015, becoming the fifth-largest smartphone maker in the country, according to data collated by researcher International Data Corp.

Naturally, the #Goodweird campaign was introduced in the country with Lenovo India creating three creative stories in association with Mumbai based digital agency Experience Commerce. “When we got the brief to capture stories of the three creative spirits via video, we tried a little different form of creative storytelling rather than the usual documentary approach,” Sandip Maiti, Founder and CEO at Experience Commerce.

The second story is about Eina Ahluwalia, India’s first conceptual jewellery artist who believes, “Good things come out of difficult situations.” The video starts with a scared and surprised newlywed bride who finds a dagger like jewelry as a wedding gift presented by Eina.

The camera rolls back in the past and shows how Eina gets the inspiration of her jewelry design from the land of Durga – Kolkata. With very folky and zippy background music, Eina travels the city only to find her inspiration of her jewelry design in lord Durga. Then she creates the masterpiece armed with her creative brilliance and Lenovo Yoga tablet. The video ends with an unconventional but a #goodweird design complementing the beauty of today’s strong and confident women.

“These are real influencers from different walks of life, while they do cool stuff they are also empowered by the Yoga tablet. These are genuine users of the product with real creations, who are inspired to create disruption by breaking norms,” he added.

The final video is about the popular fashion designer Nikhil Thampi who has given new age quirkiness and original essence to fashion in India. The video begins with a challenge for Nikhil after his friend was refused entry to a club since she was wearing a saree. Then we see Nikhil reinventing the saree for the new age woman with the help of Yoga Tab.

Creative storytelling with real influencers

Lenovo is re-inventing itself to be the brand of the new age customers – the millennials. This is a breed that is impatient to do something in life and challenge the norms of society. They don’t get sold to boring ads that play on TV, they are sold to stories – stories of real people that inspire.

All the three stories shared by Lenovo India for the #Goodweird campaign are of real achievers who are challenging the norms to create something unique - the real disrupters of the society who never stand still and thrive for excellence.

The stories have also been told in a creative way and executed at par to match the protagonist of the stories.

The latest effort from Lenovo India comes right at a time when the brand recently created a crowdsourced dynamic logo to celebrate the maker spirit of India. This was part of Lenovo’s Never Stand Still campaign launched at the company’s Tech World event in Beijing as a new brand identity.

These three videos are a great local extension to the #GoodWeird global campaign. With such inspiring real stories it is difficult to ignore the tech brilliance imparted by Lenovo in its products.