How The Official Snack Partner Of #CWC2015 Is Building Fan Engagement This Cricket Season

Lay's India has been engaging cricket fans with a series of simple and fun contests this ICC World cup, the article looks at brand activities on social media


Lays India, the official snack partner of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has been a really busy brand this cricket season. The chips maker from the house of PepsiCo has been on an extensive campaigning drive asking people to enjoy the taste of cricket by munching on Lays. And the company made sure none of us could escape its ad messages by bombarding them at us from all screens, television as well as digital.

Ranbir Kapoor, the brand ambassador and his bunch of Lay’s best buddies have been roped in for a series of really crazy ad films launched a little before the start of the World Cup. The idea rode on the back of mismatched match timings for Indian viewers since ICC chose Australia and New Zealand as the match venue for 2015.

The chip maker urged people to stay tuned to the matches no matter what comes in the way, as long as there is cricket, fun and Lay’s chips to be had, in its campaign ‘Yeh Game Hi Hai…Taste Ka’. The launch was amplified with a series of ads that demonstrated how one could get out of sticky situations in office to be able to watch the live match telecast. Read also “Lay’s Comes To The Rescue Of Cricket Fans With #YehGameHiHaiTasteKa“.

Yeh Game Hi Hai…Taste Ka

The campaign launch saw Ranbir Kapoor and Pankaj Kapur indulge in some crazy antics as student and professor respectively. While Ranbir bribes Pankaj with Lay’s chips, the students disappear from class only to be seen seated in front of a television watching their cricket matches. This way the brand has provided a solution to fans caught in the dilemma of to watch the match or attend classes.


Another ad featured Lisa Hayden as Ranbir and gang’s boss. The gang is at a meeting when they are devising ways tp get out for the live telecast. Ranbir manages to hypnotise the strict Lisa with a ‘Wristy Flick’ of the Lay’s chips and the gang is soon given permission to catch the match. Playing extensively on all screens, this ad has been on for almost all matches.


The ongoing campaign leveraged digital in the same tone as its ads. Fans and followers of cricket were asked to share solutions to the problem of mismatched timings, while the brand built engagement as well as buzz around the new brand talk – Yeh Game Hi Hai…Taste Ka. 

The social media assets of Lay’s India began driving views to the ads by sharing interesting visuals that reflected the ad. An animated Pankaj Kapur (the college professor) and Lisa Hayden (the strict boss) was made to look like a villain of taste. Funny limericks provided solutions to watching the match along with crunching Lay’s without interruptions.

Lays yehgamehihaitasteka

#LaysKePlays: Blending Lays with cricket plays

Cricket buffs were in for a 4-day long contest which they could be a part of only through their Twitter app. Participants were required to define cricketing terms by using the Lay’s pack or chips creatively. The most creative and humourous entries were shortlisted for the Powerplay which required creation of videos. The winners get tickets to the final match scheduled on 29th March in Melbourne.

The brand shared visual examples to keep up the momentum, while fans shared their version of #LaysKePlays.

And while at it, the brand pages shared a series of fun videos that defined a bouncer, a Six, a Century, a Clean bowled and more. Here’s the ‘clean bowled’ video:

#GameKaHero: The Lays CommonTweeters

While the World Cup geared up for the quarterfinals, Lay’s got all cricket fans braced for the game. The brand invited cricket buffs interested in real-time commentary to help fellow cricket fans catch the match by doing a live commentary of the game using #CommonTweeter. Rightly named as the #GameKaHero, the brand gave an opportunity to its fans to be live commentators for the match.

Engaging, participative, crazy

For a potato chips brand that is the official snack partner of the World Cup tournament, it makes sense to stay as relevant and as crazy with the times. Lay’s has been mostly receiving negative feedback for its ads, but the brand is in no mood to break the record. Ad after ad has been weaving in cricket with Lay’s in some or the other quirky manner. The objective has been to keep it fun, crazy and engaging in a simple way, and it seems to be working for the brand!

Social media has been leveraged well, however there is room for improvement. The visuals shared on the brand’s social media properties could have been designed much better. The super short videos defining LaysKePlays has been an interesting content piece and an engaging contest for cricket fans. Incentives like free tickets to the live match and letting your fans be live commentators for the game has added some more fun to the overall brand experience.

Lay’s India’s strategy for ICC World Cup 2015 is to engage cricket fans as well as others using as much text, images and videos as it can, while the games are on. It reflects the campaign cry – Yeh Game Hi Hai…Taste Ka.