This Deodorant Gets You Rickshaws Instead Of Women!

Culture Machine has created a funny parody video on deo ads called ‘Rick On’, for Lawman Pg3 deodorants with SNG Comedy, that portrays how a single spray can get a rickshaw-wala on his way

Lawmanpg3 rick on video

India’s growing population has led to a near crisis when it comes to the state of public transportation in the country. The problem becomes even more acute when rickshaw-walas get pricey. One of the biggest perils of living in urban India is to get into a rickshaw and reach the desired location on time. If you are from Mumbai or Bangalore, you know exactly what I mean. Every office-goer or college student needs to beg, plead or bribe his way to get into a rickshaw.

Rickshaw-walas literally rule the roads and reject people as they please. Drawing from this very urban problem, digital video entertainment company, Culture Machine has created a funny parody video called ‘Rick On’, in association with Lawman Pg3 deodorants and SNG Comedy. The concept of the video revolves around ‘A single spray will send a rickshaw-wala on his way’!

The video features a man struggling to find a rickshaw in a metropolitan city with the rickshaw-walas delivering a multitude of crazy excuses and whims to avoid ferrying the customer. But it all changes one fine day when the said man sprays himself with a limited edition of Rick On deodorant. Rickshaw-walas from all corners are drawn towards him and try to woo him with flowers, kisses, etc.

The video uploaded on the comedy channel’s YouTube two days ago, has crossed over 19K views. Interestingly, the video uploaded by Lawman Pg3 on its YouTube channel has only garnered 6K views in comparison. It is yet to be promoted by Lawmanpg3 on its social media properties.

The fashion brand had earlier launched ‘The Badboo Song’ video which was a comical take on the tragedy that body odour is for every individual. This was followed by another fun video ‘Make someone happy’ that highlighted the importance of complimenting someone.

The advertorial approach taken by Lawman Pg3 deodorants subtly highlights the importance of smelling good, in a humorous manner. Who would have imagined a deodorant that attracts rickshaws instead of women, in this age of deo ads that only portray how a single spray can get you women.  The ‘Rick On’ video is a fun way to connect with the brand’s target consumers, while emphasizing the brand message, “Smell Good, Look Good”.