[Video] Why Chimp&z Inc Doesn’t Want To Be Known As A Digital Agency

Chimp&z; co-founders Lavinn and Angad talk about why they are not a digital agency, 2015 digital trends, problems in the industry and advice to entrepreneurs.

Chimp&zInc Digital agency

“We are not a digital agency, we are bunch of creative people who have been working for brands,” added Lavinn Rajpal. Angad Singh Manchanda joined in, “We are creative people with our heart in digital. If you need a hoarding we have the expertise to create it, at the same time we also have expertise to create video content beyond digital.” The co-founder duo shared this when I asked them about their thoughts on the growing trend of digital agencies wanting to become ad agencies.

This is the second part of our video conversation series with co-founders, Lavinn and Angad Singh at Chimp&z Inc, digital agency based in Mumbai. In the first part of the conversation we spoke about the story behind its exciting name, the journey so far with a focus on interesting work the agency has done in 2015.

Here is the video of our initial conversation:

In this second part of our video conversation, we start with discussions on whether the digital agencies are still playing a bigger part at the decision table. Often we see that after the TVC has been created, the digital agency is called for creating buzz about the ad spot on social media. Angad agrees to the thought but at the same time he informs there are some brands that are interested in incorporating digital from day one.

“The industry has evolved very rapidly. Few years back a client wanted to have his TVC on YouTube, today not only we are seeing him uploading on digital but at the same time have interesting pre-buzz campaigns. May be in the coming years we will find a majority of brands wanting to promote certain content only on digital.”

While both co-founders stressed that things have evolved in the last few years, at the same time they are quite disturbed by the rampant undercutting happening in the industry. In addition to this, the weekly and monthly content plan that quite a few brands follow doesn’t get a positive nod from Angad. “The biggest problem along with undercutting I see the industry is facing now is putting out content just because you want to put out.”

In this second and last part of the video interview, we also talk on the digital trends the co-founders have noticed so far, things that are still wrong in digital and disturbs them, and the products they want to launch moving forward.

Before we winded up the conversation, I also asked them to share a piece of advice for budding digital entrepreneurs. Very reluctantly they have to say this since they believe they are not that big to advice anybody. “Stay who you are, try to work according to your passion and stay true to your industry also.”

This agency feature series has been brought to you in association with Chimp&z Inc, a Mumbai based digital agency.