Get Pinning With Lakmé Salon’s ‘My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party’

A look at 'My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party' contest on Pinterest by Lakmé Salon, the brand that creates beautiful brides


The season of weddings in India is beckoning anxious brides-to-be along with excited bridesmaids. And brands are also joining in with innovative promotions. Lakmé Salon, the brand that creates beautiful brides through its range of bridal offerings, has launched the ‘My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party’ contest on Pinterest, in a bid to promote its services on the visual content sharing network. Fans have been given the opportunity to flaunt ideas for a bachelorette party for a friend or relative, by creating a board with relevant pins on Pinterest. Three of the best boards with the maximum likes, re-pins and comments will win customized service from bridal offerings at Lakmé Salon!

‘My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party’ contest

To begin with, get an account on Pinterest and follow the Lakmé Salon Pinterest page. Create a board called ‘My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party’ and start pinning pictures of all the exciting things that would help you in planning and arranging the bachelorette party. Do remember to add #BeautifulBrides to the description when you pin a picture though.

Your board should also include one of the 11 brides from Lakmé Salon’s board, along with a minimum of 10 pins that will describe your  style of hosting a bachelorette party. Share the URL of your board at [email protected], get your friends to like, re-pin, comment and keep your fingers crossed!


It is clever to see the brand promoting the contest through its Facebook and Twitter pages. A dedicated Facebook app explains the contest in six steps, followed by a button that leads to the Pinterest contest page. Regular tweets on Twitter are also linked to the Pinterest contest page.

Does it help Lakmé Salon?

Running a contest on Pinterest has its own challenges but the ‘My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party’ contest by Lakmé Salon, seems to have addressed most of them. Integrating its more popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter is a good bet to bring traffic to its Pinterest page. The 106 K strong Facebook community along with 1K + followers on Twitter have the potential to bring relevant traffic to the Pinterest contest page, thereby bringing in increased participation.

The idea of getting participants to re-pin one of the Lakmé brides onto their boards serves for good promotions, in addition to the usage of the contest hashtag #BeautifulBrides. Searches with ‘#BeautifulBrides’ bring up the many pins by the brand and its participants. With Pinterest being a wonderful source for referral traffic, this contest will help the brand to drive relevant traffic to its website.

Though we are not sure how many Indian women are active users of the network, world over Pinterest has more number of women than men, who use it for a variety of purposes like planning and creation of home interiors, party ideas and weddings. Integrating boards with bachelorette party ideas will go a long way in spreading the word about Lakmé Salon in the predominantly women oriented network. Moreover, it might help the brand, if one were searching for ‘bachelorette party ideas’ on Pinterest or googling for ‘bachelorette party ideas on pinterest’.

At the outset and now as I look closely, the contest seems to have been conceived with Pinterest in mind. With an ambitious idea and a well-aligned objective, ‘My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party’ contest’ has left me quite impressed. I sure hope to see more of such Pinterest oriented campaigns by brands targeting women, in the near future!