What We Do On Mobile Is The Bigger Question Since Everyone Is Saying Let’s Do Mobile - Kushal Sanghvi [Video]

Kushal Sanghvi, Business Head at Reliance Entertainment and Digital talks about mobile marketing, how important and challenging the medium is. He also talks about the social and digital media campaigns done by the firm in H1, 2014

“Mobile is already the primary device for a large section. But what do we do on mobile is the bigger question, since everyone is saying let’s do mobile. Do we use it as a typical advertising medium or try something different by innovative content or an app or video,” shared Kushal Sanghvi in a conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

The Business Head at Reliance Entertainment and Digital, Kushal has a keen interest in mobile and was sharing his thoughts and how marketers need to push the envelope to create a mark on a device which is quite personal to the user.

Talking to LI earlier, in the first part of the video conversation, he had talked about his professional journey so far, the idea that led to the formation of Spider Digital Hub and Span Digital and how digital as a medium has evolved in the country.

In this second part of the video conversation, while he puts his emphasis on mobile marketing, he also talks about some of the interesting digital and social media campaigns executed in H1,2014. He shares about the innovative work done for Reliance Communications where the brand co-branded with iPhone which saw a category change in the country.