How Kurl-on Owned World Sleep Day With #GoodSleepIs Anthem

Webenza's #GoodSleepIs digital campaign capitalizes the element of sleep and positions Kurl-on as the brand that caters good sleep

18th March was celebrated as World Sleep Day, an annual event aimed to celebrate the benefits of good and healthy sleep and to draw society attention to the burden of sleep problems and their medicine, education and social aspects. Like every year, this year World Sleep Day had a slogan - “A good sleep is a reachable dream.”

Bengaluru-headquartered mattress maker Kurl-on Enterprise that propagates “good sleep” has attempted to own the day every year. To extend this year’s theme on digital, Kurl-on tied up with Webenza, a digital marketing firm based in Bengaluru.

To achieve the objective, Kurl-on launched the #GoodSleepIs digital campaign. The week-long campaign began with a Twitter contest launched on 13th March, 2016. On Twitter the brand posted a simple question for its followers – What does good sleep mean to them along with the hashtag #GoodSleepIs.

Within an hour, the brand received an overwhelming response and began to trend altogether at #2 on Twitter in India. According to the brand – “a total of 458 unique participants showered us with 2,828 responses which generated 1,129 re-tweets. The #GoodSleepIs campaign trended on Twitter for 5 hours.”

The top 3 entries won comforters, while 17 other lucky winners won pillows!

However, Kurl-on didn’t want to stop here; it intended to own the 2016 World Sleep Day in a unique way. The idea on how to take it further came in the form of user tweets. #GoodSleepIs received some very interesting and creative ideas that motivated it to create visually appealing Facebook posts which were followed by minimal design posters based around World Sleep Day.


Additionally, the agency informed Lighthouse Insights that the tweets also contributed in the creation of the first sleep anthem for the brand. “We took inspiration from all the tweets and then we decided to make it memorable with a video - the result, a video anthem for Kurl-on, to celebrate the World Sleep Day.”

The 1.47 minute video anthem features situation in which people have a good sleep such as good sleep is when you sleep while reading a book, when you wake up like a boss, and more. The video ends with the Kurl-on message that good sleep is best on Kurl-on every day. The anthem video has received more than 35K views on YouTube and over 228K views plus 500 shares on Facebook, at the time of writing this article.

Timely. Engaging. Memorable

#GoodSleepIs is a simple yet effective campaign that capitalizes the element of sleep and positions Kurl-on as the brand that caters good sleep. Bringing about user engagement and creating witty minimal design posters inspired by user tweets is a fun way to associate Kurl-on with ‘good sleep’.

The catchy anthem together with the witty posters and #GoodSleepIs user definitions makes the digital campaign a complete one - that is timely, engaging and memorable. The brand has sure generated a long term content asset for the mattress maker around World Sleep Day.