Kurkure Throws A #ButterMastiChallenge On Dubsmash For New Flavour

For new flavour 'Butter Masti', Kurkure has launched a social media challenge inviting people to repeat a tongue twister or dubsmash to it and win prizes worth INR 20 lakhs

kurkure buttermastichallenge

A chips brand has managed to get social media users to tongue-twist today. And with INR 20 lakhs up for grabs, nobody is complaining. Kurkure, the crunchy corn snacks from PepsiCo India, has launched its #ButterMastiChallenge on social media where participants need to repeat ‘butter masti, tadka tasty’ in a continuous loop.

The all new flavour ‘Butter Masti’ was launched last month through a TVC featuring the Kurkure Family’s Bollywood banker younger son Kunal Kapoor and Bahu remix younger bahu Parineeti Chopra. The TVC titled ‘Butter ka mazza, Kurkure ka tadka‘ emphasised on the tasty combination of butter and spices in the new flavour.

The TVC was shared by Kurkure’s social media properties, along with funny visuals of the family. Not much was done to promote the new flavour on digital by building fan engagement, until now.

For the #ButterMastiChallenge, Kurkure has got its brand ambassadors Parineeti Chopra and Farida Jalal to take up the challenge. The brand has posted their tongue-twisters on Kurkure’s Facebook and Twitter pages and is now inviting people to take up the challenge.

To participate, one has to shoot their own videos repeating the tongue-twister and share it with the contest hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Dubsmash or Daily Motion. One can also choose the Butter Masti Challenge Audio uploaded by @KurkureSnacks official handle on Dubsmash app and mimic Parineeti. One has to further tag their friends on the network to take up the challenge, so the trend keeps going viral.

Winners get shopping vouchers worth INR 2100 or INR 500 for just posting/tweeting/commenting what Parineeti says in her challenge video.

#ButterMastiChallenge has been trending for a larger part of the day, with more and more people trying their tongue at this challenge. Here are a few interesting ones shared on Twitter:

Kingfisher hosted a Dubsmash campaign called #KFDubsmash last month and got everyone to dubsmash to its official jingle ‘Oo la la la leo’. The challenge received a horde of quirky renditions of the official jingle and the brand managing to add some fun into consumers’ lives.

#ButterMastiChallenge is on till next month and has already managed to build social buzz for the new flavour, while building the fan base of Kurkure’s social media pages. Cool brand recall this!