Kunzum’s Twitter Secret Revealed In 140

Kunzum's Twitter Secret Revealed in 140

It’s the Friday roundup of the most happening Twitter handles that we come across and today we have with us Ajay Jain, Founder of Kunzum - your online travel companion whose tweets could be followed @kunzum. A few months back we had reviewed the social media presence of Kunzum and were absolutely amazed at its all-rounder performance. In case you have missed it, here’s the link. No, they haven’t outsourced their social media. All the stuff you see is managed purely in-house which is admirable.

Here is a list of seven Twitter secrets revealed by Ajay Jain only for us:


Ajay Jain

One forty characters with Ajay Jain!

1. Twitter is for Kunzum like ____?

A place for a quick wave between friends, a new-fashioned bulletin board, a speed-mingling ground and a news broadcasting room.

2. Kunzum tweets about …?

Travel tips and guidance, links to great travel companies, our new posts and articles, pictures, news, events and travel updates.

3. Any thumbrule set for Twitter content strategy?

Keep content relevant & useful,don’t overdo, sound fresh & interesting, don’t be a travel brochure.DM when Tweet is not of common interest.

4. Do you believe in an ideal number of tweets/day or content is enough?

No. Certainly not overdo it. But anything from 3-12 is good. Not more than one new Tweet an hour. Replies and RT are over& above this limit.

5. Do you track tweets containing ‘Kunzum’? Why?

Yes. This is the only way to know what the markets are saying about us, and these are invaluable insights and learning.

6. How effective Twitter has been as a communicative tool?

Very effective, esp in connecting us to interesting or useful folks. But Tweeters in India need to go more real time for full effectiveness.

7. Is Kunzum scared about #FAIL?

No. In travel, you cannot go wrong. 🙂


We’ve observed brands that tweet irrelevant stuff or tweet all at a go, brands that ignore #FAIL’s and most brands don’t even track what the market talks about them. But here’s a brand that is not only fun and intelligent but also respects its community. Brands can indeed learn so much from these 140 charactered answers. Our favourites for this interview are answers to Q5 and Q7. Thanks Ajay for revealing the secret behind Kunzum’s Twitter success! Nevertheless, we wish you all the best on this great Twitter journey.