#Krrish3firstlook Calls For Tweets To Unveil The Movie Poster. Good Idea But Poorly Executed

About #Krrish3firstlook Twitter hashtag campaign where the Krrish 3 movie poster will be unveiled after tweets made with the hashtag will break a virtual wall brick by brick


Following the blockbuster success of the previous two instalments of the Bollywood superhero film starring Hrithik Roshan, the audiences are waiting eagerly for the third part ‘Krrish 3’. Slated for a Diwali release in November, Krrish 3 has already kick-started its promotions on social media. I saw the hashtag ‘#Krrish3firstlook’ trending on the top 10 India trends, this morning. Interestingly, it wasn’t the regular ‘Replace movie titles with Krrish’ kind of promotion. It was something really cool.

#Krrish3firstlook is inviting Twitter users to break a virtual wall that will eventually reveal the movie’s poster with the rising number of tweets. Besides, the campaign has been cleverly incentivized with Lava Iris smartphones. Participants in the hashtag stand a chance to win these phones while they break the wall. From the look of it, quite innovative, I’d say! But, the microsite, as you can see in the below screenshot, does not offer much information, beyond listing the tweets in the hashtag. Krrish3_Twitter_trailer

I was looking for information like: a) number of tweets made, and b) how many more required to break the wall, but these weren’t available on the microsite. At least, it should have mentioned how many tweets will break one brick. Moreover, one does not know at what tweet number or quality of tweet does one win the Lava smartphone. The hashtag that has been trending at the top since the contest commenced in the morning, has not yet broken the wall. Also, the tweets featured in the list are not being updated in real time; you can see the latest tweets made only after refreshing your browser.

The official Twitter handle of the movie and the Facebook page are providing updates on the status of the wall. The virtual wall is two bricks down at the moment. Looking at the number of bricks in the wall, I can safely assume that this trend will remain for the next 2-3 days, at which point of time the movie poster will be unveiled amidst all the buzz on Twitter.

Brilliant idea, poorly executed

This is probably the new type of hashtag trending campaign specifically meant for movie trailer or poster promotions.

Two weeks back, Shah Rukh  Khan starrer Chennai Express had also tried to pull off such a Twitter hashtag campaign, to reveal the movie trailer. Twitter users were asked to tweet with #ChennaiExpressArrives that would power a virtual train from Mumbai on its way to Rameshwaram. The promise was that the movie trailer would be revealed, as soon as the train would reach Rameshwaram, so users could decide when they wanted to see the trailer. But, the campaign driven by a microsite, did the movement manually and not powered by tweets as it claimed. The microsite was a static one, similar to this one for Krrish 3, and had images of the train at various stations on its way to Rameshwaram. The movie trailer was released later anyways.

If trending by any means is the objective, then the campaign has succeeded in that. But, the execution could have been done better and with clarity, just as the tweet-fuelled journey of Superdry Morgan for the launch of its Mumbai store.