Krispy Lessons – A Fun Teacher’s Day Campaign By Krispy Kreme India Using Hyperlapse By Instagram

Krispy Kreme India has launched a quirky video campaign called ‘Krispy Lessons' using Using Hyperlapse By Instagram, for Teacher's Day


It’s only been a week that Instagram released Hyperlapse, and we already have the first campaign to use Instagram’s Hyperlapse feature for Teacher’s Day. Hyperlapse from Instagram is a new app to easily capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion. Traditionally, time lapse videos depend on holding your phone or camera still while you film, but the app’s built-in stabilization technology lets you create moving, handheld time lapse videos quite easily.

Krispy Kreme India, one of our favourite doughnut makers, decided to do something different for Teacher’s Day using the new Hyperlapse feature of Instagram . The doughnut brand planned on creating a quirky video campaign called ‘Krispy Lessons’ to show that teachers are everywhere.

“Krispy Lessons” featured doughnuts sharing life lessons, but in a fun way using the Hyperlapse feature. With Teacher’s Day just a few days away, Krispy Kreme India, in association with digital creative agency, Frog Walks Out (FWO), pulled up a series of videos where fans would be given ‘Krispy Lessons’ by their favourite doughnuts.

The 3-day campaign shares some fun life lessons through the brand’s coffee and doughnuts. For instance, the Krispy Kreme ‘Almond All Over’ doughnut teaches the fans that ‘for a smooth journey to the top, it is important to face the crunch.’

Here’s a Krispy Lesson from a cup of coffee – “Life always gives you a second shot. It’s called Tomorrow!”

These videos can be seen on Krispy Kreme India page on Instagram and also as YouTube videos shared on the brand’s Facebook page.

Smart and innovative engagement

Apart from some cool engagement on social media, this way the social media campaign has stayed relevant to the product category and also enhanced fan engagement on its Instagram platform, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

The brand could weave in more Krispy Lessons with the help of its fans. Krispy Kreme India can invite its fans and users of Instagram to create their own versions of Krispy Lessons using the Hyperlapse feature of Instagram and some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. A little hurdle would be the new app’s availability for only iOS at present. An Android app in the future would help brands leverage this property on a large scale to help co-create some fun, quirky time lapse videos with their fans.

It is nice to see Instagram’s Hyperlapse feature being used as a marketing tool in this campaign. The storytelling bit with life lessons around Teacher’s Day makes it stand apart from turning into an advertising campaign on social media.