‘Second World Cup’ From KRDS Visualises The Twitter Battle Of 2014 FIFA World Cup

Social and mobile agency in Europe and Asia, KRDS has launched a web and mobile portal - Second W#rld Cup to help visualize FIFA football world cup conversations on social media

During the IPL we saw how Twitter became the hot bed of conversations and same is the case with the ongoing FIFA football world cup. During the last world cup Twitter crashed repeatedly facing heavy Internet traffic with more than 150,000 tweets per hour. This year the first world cup match between the host Brazil which defeated Croatia in 3-1 match has already witnessed 2.2 million Tweets during the match. Twitter saw users from more than 150 countries joining in to share their views and emotions.

To visualize this huge data in real time,cThe visually appealing site is monitoring social media conversations around the social web targeting nations playing for the cup, the players and the arch rivalry of fans on the platform. Simply put, KRDS is monitoring every conversation that is related to the world cup and is presenting it in a visually impressive manner.

The home page is a space of floating bubbles representing countries and star players that are the focus of discussion for fans on social media. Bigger the bubble, the more number of conversations happening on the network. The above image provides a snap shot of the team and players who dominate the conversations for now.

The biggest circle was from the host country and its star player Neymar who scored two goals on his first appearance in the world cup. I clicked on the biggest circle right now taken by Brazil, on click you get the team rank along with real time counter of total number of tweets. Click on “The Locker” and you get the list of conversations in a card format pulled out from various social networks. The below screen grab gives you a look of conversations related to Neymar.


Additionally, the app captures social impact based on Twitter conversations. The below screen grab shows you the social impact of Brazil in real time.


Along with this you get to know about the world cup facts associated to the country and the list of users who are the supporters of the team on social media.

The other interesting set of data KRDS has pulled out is Battles. The feature displays the tweet battle between the fans of the two teams that are going to hit the ground. The below screen grab shows the tweet support  for Spain and Netherlands. While the tweet counter is displayed in real time, the tweets are also displayed along with the wheel of dominance. Right now Spain is leading the war on Twitter.


The KRDS Second World Cup app is worth giving a try for the sheer brilliance of representing data in an appealing and easily consumable format. While the country and player data provide great insights about social conversations, features like Battle is a brilliant replication of fan madness that is happening every second on Twitter.

Twitter is the platform of conversations and KRDS has done a great job by displaying it in an interesting way and providing relevant insights about the game.