Social Media Agency KRDS India launches #SocialDesi To Mark Its Twitter Debut

To mark the launch of its Twitter handle, KRDS India has launched #SocialDesi Twitter contest that rewards participants for being the quirkiest social media professional

KRDS India Twitter

Regular is boring. Quirky is in!

Social and mobile agency, KRDS India, part of the Paris founded KRDS, has launched a rather quirky campaign for its Twitter debut. The campaign titled ‘#SocialDesi’ marks the launch of its Twitter handle @KRDS_India and will reward some of the best social media professionals in the industry for being the most creative on social media. Interestingly, the campaign has a desi twist.

In a bid to help digital and social media enthusiasts loosen up and relieve stress on Twitter, ‘#SocialDesi’ will ask a series of 30 questions, 6 questions to be answered per day of the 5-day contest, where participants need to redefine social media in a desi and fun way.

The funniest will take home a personalized tee of glory with their winning tweet printed on it, for each of the 30 questions asked. Additionally, the winning tweets will also be featured in the agency’s ‘Pocket Guide to Social Media’ booklet, that is planned to be launched in August. If all this isn’t enough, one lucky winner at the end of the contest takes home a Google Nexus 5!

Hop on to the SocialDesi website to read about the contest and its rules. The site also features all the winning tweets and the Twitter stream pulled from the campaign hashtag #SocialDesi.

To participate, you need to follow the Twitter handle and reply to the questions using the hashtag.

The campaign seems to have received a decent response by the social media folks of the country. The agency’s Twitter account is growing by the minute, at present it has 657 followers. In addition to introducing KRDS India in a quirky way, #SocialDesi also helps build the agency voice amongst the social and digital media junta.

Quite a local campaign by the international agency, that will only boost its Twitter community and reach.