KPCC Joins Social Media But Only A Month Left For The Karnataka State Elections

Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) has opened up social media presence a month before the state elections to connect with urban youth.


The Legislative Assembly elections in India for the 10 legislative assemblies are happening in 2013. One of them is the Karnataka Legislative Assembly whose elections will happen in single phase on May 5th, 2013 for all the 224 assembly constituencies. For more than a decade, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has been the ruling party and the Congress party has occupied the opposition’s seat. However this time to change the equations, the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) is investing on social media. According to a report published by TNN, the objective of KPCC is to reach out to the urban youth of the state, who is hooked onto social media.

Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee Facebook

KPCC has made its presence felt on all the major social channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus. On Facebook the community page has already secured more than 2K fans and is building up the conversations. The content has focused on informing and promoting the party’s mandate for the upcoming elections. Twitter is in its nascent stage like the YouTube page.

The YouTube page has uploaded few videos that focus on how able is the leadership that can lead the state into a new direction. However, the Google Plus page is not a party page but the KPCC president Dr.G. Parameshwara has opened up a personal profile page. Taking a leaf from the Congress and the UPA party’s recent involvement with the country men via Google Plus Hangout, Parameshwara also held a Google Plus Hangout with netizens.

With the ruling party marred in controversy of high scale corruption, the state Congress has some good chance to come back in power. Creating a social media presence and engaging aggressively is the need of the hour for Congress. But why is this initiative beginning when the elections are just a month ahead?

In a month’s time the Facebook ‘likes’ would definitely increase with the money being pumped into Facebook ads but how many would turn out at the polling booths, remains to be seen. This again goes to show that the Indian political class is treating social media as one more medium of party promotions and still remains an add-on, as expressed by Omar Abdullah during a debate at the Big Tent, New Delhi.