Kotak Mahindra Bank Engages With Sabse Smart Contest On Facebook

About Kotak Mahindra Bank's Facebook contest titled 'Sabse Smart' that invites fans to test their financial quotient and offers Flipkart vouchers for prizes


Kotak Mahindra Bank, one of India’s leading banks founded in 1985, has launched the Kotak Sabse Smart contest for its Facebook community. The contest tests your financial quotient and rewards you with Flipkart vouchers.

Ever since last year, we have been seeing most of the major Indian banks breaking into the social media circuit. From being able to know more about the bank to conversing with them, social media is being implemented extensively to bring about a sense of accountability and trust in the consumers.

In a move to promote smart banking, Kotak Mahindra Bank has come up with the ‘Sabse Smart’ contest on its Facebook page. The contest comprises of 15 finance related questions and has 10 winners every week, who will win Flipkart vouchers worth Rs. 250/- each. Currently, the contest is on Week 3 and previous week winners have been announced on the winners tab.

About Kotak Mahindra Sabse Smart contest

Sabse Smart contest has been hosted on a neatly-tabbed Facebook app and is available only to fans. This means that you got to ‘like’ the page in case you want to participate.

The contest is in a quiz format with 5 finance-related questions each from 3 types of questions: Simplify, Make the right choice and Match the words. While ‘simplify’ has jumbled up financial terms, ‘make the right choice’ is multiple choice questions and ‘match the words’ as the name suggests, needs you to match terms from different columns.

After this, you will need to complete a finance-related sentence, which for this week is ‘A rupee saved is a rupee…’

You can begin with the ‘Play games’ tab and then proceed with the given instructions to complete all three levels. Alternately, you can click on the individual question types displayed on the left. There is an option to share your score on the wall once you are finished with all 15 questions.

The other tabs at the top are ‘Invite friends’, ‘Leader Board’ and ‘T&C’. Do check out the Terms & Conditions prior to participation as it has all the contest details. Leader Board gives you the list of the top 10 scorers.

How cool is Kotak Mahindra’s Sabse Smart campaign?

Sabse Smart is an interesting campaign to engage with the community. Everybody likes a quiz with simple questions and exciting prizes. Being a ‘like’ campaign, it also helps build the community. Moreover, the campaign brings out the underlying message by Kotak Mahindra bank that 6 is better than 4, meaning banking with them gives you better benefits than banking with others.

The Facebook app has a clean design and was simple to navigate. I didn’t have to struggle to find the Terms & Conditions as it was displayed within the app itself. In addition, it was good to see the contest announcing winners on a separate tab instead of on the wall itself. As per Facebook promotion guidelines, you cannot use the wall for any kind of promotions or notifying winners (see III E).

Banks are getting to be fun. Not only that, they are getting friendly and approachable too - at least that’s what is being conveyed from some of the recent activities by banks on social media. Yes Bank had launched the ‘Saat ka Sikandar‘ contest some time back that tested the fans’ movie quotient.

During the Olympics, a couple of banks engaged with its fans through games and contests. IDBI had launched an Olympic trivia contest testing your knowledge on the Olympic games. ICICI bank engaged with iArena that allowed fans to play some of the games. Standard Chartered went a step ahead and launched a foodies network that helped it build a strong social presence and create a market for its credit cards as well.

Although it may be termed as a simple quiz contest, Sabse Smart by Kotak Mahindra Bank is a smart one in my view. It helps build a relevant community for the bank and spreads the brand message too. What do you think?