Kotak Mahindra Bank Celebrates #4sqDay. Gifts Vouchers To Kotak Bank Mayors

Kotak Mahindra Bank celebrates Foursquare day by inviting Foursquare enthusiasts to become the Kotak Mayor and win gift vouchers


Foursquare Day (#4sqDay) is round the corner. Every year the 16th of April is celebrated as Foursquare Day, the logic being that four squared is sixteen, hence 4/16 serves as the official Foursquare Day. The day sees most communities in the world celebrate it in their own way by having community events, social causes or simply check-ins to mark the day.

While the Foursquare community in the world comprises of over 30 million people currently, nearly 5.7 % of Foursquare users come from India. And, brands in India have been striving to leverage them in innovative ways. This year, Kotak Mahindra Bank is giving away goodies to the mayors of Kotak Bank. All Foursquare enthusiasts need to check in at any #KotakBank location on Foursquare, write a creative message, share on Twitter and get maximum RTs to win exciting vouchers. Kotak Bank has a decent presence on Foursquare that regularly updates fans about its available deals and offers.

Kotak Bank Foursquare day contest

In a bid to reach out to the Foursquare users, Kotak has been promoting its #4sqDay celebrations on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The Kotak Bank Facebook page with 60K fans has been regularly sharing updates like the above, to attract the Foursquare fans in its community. The bank has also been running a Twitter contest to promote the same, hashtagged as #KotakBankMayor on its official Twitter page. The Twitter contest involves a quiz related to the celebrations with vouchers to win, for its more than 21K followers.

By indulging in Foursquare Day celebrations with increased check-ins, Kotak Bank has ensured more footfalls at its various branches, as users get ready to be the Mayor. Gift vouchers for the mayors is also a good proposition to help promote the various offers on its cards, in addition to building its Foursquare community. With #KotakBankMayor, the bank seems to be bridging the online-offline gap this Foursquare Day!

Do check in and let us know your experiences. Are you aware of other exciting Foursquare celebrations? Do share with us in the comments.