Koolkart, Adds Social To Your Shopping Experience [Review]

About Koolkart.com that is making your purchasing decisions smart and also brings a social experience to your buying by informing about your friends who might have liked the product or have bought it.

Koolkart.com is a site that makes your purchasing decisions smarter online by providing the best prices of a product. It also brings a social experience to your buying by informing about your friends who might have liked the product or have bought it.

Ecommerce has been the hottest business to enter in the recent times. The proliferation of multiple startups in the same vertical has eventually made buying a bit confusing to the customer. For example if I want to buy a book online I know there are 5 places selling it but which one gives me the best price? In addition to this, I also want to know who else has bought the same book in my friends circle. Koolkart thought of answering these major two problems in a really simple and social way.

Suneil Chawla and Anupam Agarwal, the Co-Founders of Koolkart had launched the beta version in the end of January, 2012. Koolkart is a portal that suggests you products where you can buy it online and with the best price. The startup brings the social factor and makes your purchasing decision very easy. Listening to their pitch at YourStory, I was all geared up to explore the social aspect that they provide.

How does Koolkart work?

The site integrates a Facebook Connect for the users to log in and enjoy the social experience. Once the app is authenticated, you need to select your interests.  The site is now aware of what to show depending on your interests and it also lists all your friends from Facebook who have joined Koolkart. Once these steps are performed you would have a customized profile like I have, shown in the below screen grab.


Koolkart very quickly creates a small network for you.  Your profile has a wall that includes listing all the activities of your friends. Invite Friends, Messages are self-explanatory features in the profile created. My Koolkarts is one of the interesting feature and the below screen grab gives you a quick look.


It shows all those products that I have liked placed under my chosen interest. Along with this, it shows a list of friends who are active on the site and provides an option to see their kart if they have kept it public. In short it is a great way to know what your friends are buying.

Apart from this, when you plan to buy a product the site also shows who all have liked the product and have them on their kart. In addition to this, the site highlights the reviews left by your friends which will help you  in making better purchasing decisions.


Koolkart has also taken care of settings and you have the control of your profile. You can make interests private and if you are not happy that your activities are auto posted on Facebook, you can choose not to.

Additionally, Koolkart has an extension that you can bookmark and you can always use it to check prices when you are browsing a product on any e-commerce site. This way you don’t need to log in to the Koolkart site every time.

How good is it and can it be more effective?

Koolkart has used the Facebook API to integrate the social feature for users which is very much required today since Facebook has the numbers. Showcasing products based upon interests is a feature that is very much required and this was missing when I had reviewed Klip.in. The profile that is created happens without any effort from the user. Apart from this, the site takes care of security and the extension feature is innovative.

However it would be great if we can reap benefits on buying. It would be great if there could be discounts on referrals or when a group of like-minded people buy a product. A methodology that Wishberg (previously know as Tyche’d) has adopted.

Another must have feature is mobile apps for Koolkart and it would be great if the mobile apps can integrate local and social together. For example the local shopping store is giving 25% discount on a product if more than 2 friends are buying the product from the same locality.

Nevertheless, bringing the social aspect in buying is being implemented in various new ways by Indian startups and I think this is going to evolve since buying is after all a social activity.

So the next time when you buy something online will you give Koolkart a try since it gives you value for your money and brings the social aspect too.