Komli Media Wants To Be The SoLoMo Ad Solution In Asia

About Komli Media' recent partnerships in the SoLoMo area and how it wants to own the Asia ad solution network

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“SoLoMo – Social, Location and Mobile is the way forward” has been the trend pitched by every guru in this space in 2012. Very few have been able to actually capture the entire space but Komli Media has been doing it handsomely in the entire course of 2012. Komli Media, APAC’s leading digital media network which previously announced its premium ad inventory partnership with Facebook, later on revealed a similar kind of ad partnership recently with Twitter for APAC countries. And the latest sales partnership deal with Yoose, a global hyper-local mobile ad network, in a bid to strengthen Komli’s existing mobile advertising services clearly shows its intent to strengthen its base in SoLoMo.

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So: social partnerships

During the first half of the year, Komli Media was in the news for its renewal of Reseller Agreement with Facebook in India. The renewal also meant that Komli Media remains the only authorized re-seller of Facebook’s premium inventory in India.

Premium inventory or Premium Ads from Komli Media consist of : 1) Reach Block, 2) Target Block, 3) Regular CPM buy and 4) Logout Experience, as confirmed by Radhikarani Sengupta, Director – Sales  Strategy, Komli Engage (India). Following this deal we saw marketers like Star Plus, Hindustan Lever coming forward and experimenting with the Premium Ads.

Continuing with its strategy to occupy the social ad solution space, it was recently revealed that Komli Media secured an exclusive deal to sell the range of Promoted Products of Twitter in the South East Asia region. According to the deal, Komli will be managing all Southeast Asia sales for Twitter advertising products that would also mean to educate the markets about Twitter’s products such as Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends.

Twitter had been very quick to assess that countries like Indonesia, Philippines have the fifth and the tenth biggest user bases in this region. In fact the growing presence of the micro blogging platform had been one of the major reasons why it opened an office in Korea a few months ago. Not only for Twitter but this also gels with the ad firm’s belief that Asia is the second hub of social network users after the US, since half of them are based out in Asia.

A pretty obvious move by Twitter assessing the potential in the region after Facebook, Zynga and in an ad network which enjoys more than 4500 advertising partnerships with a reach of 90 million unique users each month across Southeast Asia after it acquired Admax Networks, one of Southeast Asia’s largest advertising network providers, for an undisclosed price.

Lo-Mo: location and mobile partnerships

The dominance in the social ad space followed in the hyper-local mobile ad network space too. According to the news, Komli Mobile, a division of Komli Media has inked a sales partnership with Yoose to use its hyper-local and rich media services for Komli’s clients in India and Southeast Asian markets.

In other words, this partnership will allow Komli to run location-based targeted campaigns for its clients and since it already has partnerships with Facebook and Twitter, this also gives the ad network a smooth opportunity to integrate SoLoMo ad solutions. For example, a brand would be able to show mobile banners to entice a user when she is near the brand’s outlet, then the brand has the choice to either engage her with some digital content such as play a video or download music, or click to buy or land her on a social media site that could further enhance the social experience.

Further to this, Komli also claims that the partnership will help the company to tap network reach of 1.4 billion monthly ad impressions in India alone. And with the latest report on Internet Trends called ’2012 KPCB Internet Trends Year-End Update’ it has been revealed that there are 44 million smart phone subscribers in India as of Q4 2012, recording a 52% growth YOY, the deal couldn’t have been better timed!

But, it is not that only Komli is eyeing to have a bigger share but companies like AdNear, Nimbuzz and mobile operator Tata Docomo have also launched location-based advertising services. Nevertheless, for now with partnership deals with the major giants of the social world coupled with the Yoose deal, Komli Media is better positioned to integrate SoLoMo ad solutions for its vast client base in the Asian continent from 2013.

Image Courtesy: Fastcompany.com