Komli Media Partners With Zynga, Effective?

by Prasant Naidu on October 20, 2021


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Komli Media gains exclusive rights to sell ad and video inventories on all Zynga games across Asia-Pacific markets (APAC).

komli zynga partnership

Komli Media, APAC’s Leading Digital Media Network has partnered with leading social games provider company, Zynga. With this partnership, Komli Media has gained exclusive rights to sell web display ad and video inventories on all games across the Zynga platform in Asia Pacific markets such as Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.(1)

On the other hand, this gives an opportunity to the California-based Zynga which boasts of developing highly acclaimed social games such as FarmVille, ChefVille, BubbleSafari, etc. to partner with Komli Media that has built a strong sales presence in Asia.

How effective is the partnership?

Komli Media, which had a strong partnership with Facebook India and MSN, had announced about its $39 million funding in June this year. The fourth round of funding was led by Northwest Venture Partners with an objective that would help the six year old firm to build a much stronger foothold in the APAC region.

Komli, which offers display, mobile and social advertising to its more than 5000 publishers, was definitely on the lookout of tapping the congested social gaming market in APAC. According to a latest report published by We are social, 61% of Internet users in Asia play online games. So tapping the growing market was quite essential for Komli.

Also, partnering with Zynga sounds interesting at a time when the social gaming company is going through a rough patch.

Zynga, once synonymous with social games, has seen it’s stock plummeting to 75% since it’s December IPO and the latest games having difficulties catching up with users.  One of the reasons has been Zynga’s over dependence to the social networking giant Facebook and wishing to be seen in users Facebook feeds. Definitely, Facebook has the numbers but then expecting people to notice games on feeds won’t work in the longer run. Additionally, Zynga has been targeting China as a prospective market where Facebook is still not welcome. China was forecasted to be a $7 billion online games market in 2012.(2)

On other hand, the Japanese mobile-gaming companies from Asia such as Gree, and DeNA who have the most users in Asia don’t face the dilemma like Zynga. Gree has created a specialized Facebook-like social network for gaming on mobile devices and is looking to go beyond the Asian belt along with DeNA.

Nevertheless, Zynga, too has realized its problem and is trying to create an independent network so tying up with Komli makes business sense. Not only that, it will also help the company improve its economic position and get introduced to a lot of targeted publishers from Komli.

A partnership that makes sense and works for both business who have APAC in mind.

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