Komli Media Continues To Be The Only Authorized Reseller Of Facebook Premium Ads

Komli Media Continues To Be The Only Authorized Re-Seller Of Facebook Premium Ads in India and what are Facebook Premium Ads

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Last week Komli Media, Asia Pacific’s leading media technology was in the news for it’s renewal of Reseller Agreement with Facebook in India. Facebook continues its association with Komli Media and that also makes Komli Media its authorized re-seller of Facebook premium inventory in India. Some time back, Ozone Media had also announced that it has tied up with Facebook ad inventory to provide ad inventory to its advertisers in India, as reported by Medianama. Following the tie up with Facebook, Ozone Media was offering services which were market place inventory such as offer ad spots including promotions for Facebook Pages, ads centered around Facebook ‘likes’ and other image and text based ads on Facebook but not the premium inventory. Radhikarani Sengupta, Director – Sales  Strategy, Komli Engage (India) confirmed with me over a phone call that,” We are the only one selling premium ad inventory to Indian marketers.”

Premium inventory or Premium Ads from Komli Media consist of : 1) Reach Block, 2) Target Block, 3) Regular CPM buy and 4) Logout Experience.

Reach Block is a 24 hours property where the advertiser is guaranteed impressions within a 24 hour period, and the brand’s target group will see the ad when they login to Facebook on a particular day. When the channel “Life Ok” was launched, Star TV in collaboration with Komli had used a reach block to create buzz online.

Target Block is another feature which is more or less similar to the Reach Block but used when an advertiser wants to target a certain group and spread the impression for 2-3 days. Before the launch of the serial “Satyamev Jayate”, Star Plus had used this format of premium advertising with the help of Komli.
Komli also provides regular premium CPM buy but it is for extremely targeted bursts with more standard targeting parameters available on reach and target blocks.
Finally, the Log Out ads which has been tried out by brands such as Subway, Ford, etc. is the latest addition to the premium package and Komli has been talking with its clients on implementing the same.

However, there has been a bit of scepticism around Facebook log out ads. To this Radhikarani also added that, “Indian marketers are showing good response for the log out ads as they provide a larger canvas for video ads when compared to Facebook internal pages.” 
Indeed the premium inventory is a great package for brands to advertise on Facebook, apart from the market place inventory. And brands such as Unilever, Star, etc. have been consistently using them along with brands such as Vodafone, Intel, etc.

As a marketer, have you given a try to the premium inventory of Komli Media and if yes then how effective have these been to your business?