How Asian Digital Marketers Can Benefit From The  Social Ads Platform Launched By Komli Media In Association With Adquant

Matt Sutton from Komli Media shares how APAC marketers can benefit from the new social ads platform launched by Komli in association with Adquant

Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, continues its positive growth in Asia. According to its last earnings report of Q1 2014, Facebook has more than 390 million monthly active users (MAUs) in Asia, from a grand total of 1.276 billion around the world. In terms of revenue Facebook made $354 million from Asia out of its total of $2.5 billion in Q1, which is 14.14 percent. Revenues haven’t been great for Facebook in the last quarter.

While there could be multiple reasons why the revenues for Facebook didn’t yield good results, Komli Media, Asia Pacific’s leading media technology company which is managing large customer advertising portfolios on social media specially Facebook realized that Asian brands have been demanding for a much more flexible and better Facebook ad technology platform.

“What we found in the past 6-12 months, all of our advertisers and agencies in the market have been looking to not only use our ad sales platform along with their internal team but also for a recognized technology that allows to procure Facebook advertising along with locally serviced market. So it is not just about the platform but you need on-boarding process, training, account management, planning and buying, technical support role services,” Matt Sutton, Vice President, Social Media at Komli Media said.

This need of the market motivated to look for a technology platform that could serve Asian customers’ Facebook marketing needs. Hence, Komli has joined hands with Adquant, a leading social advertising company and one of the first Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) company. This partnership gives Komli exclusive rights to offer the Adquant platform across the Asia Pacific region.

The Social Ads platform powered by Adquant’s PMD technology coupled with the social media marketing skill set of Komli will enable advertisers to effectively buy Facebook ads, manage large groups of them, target granular audiences, and measure effectiveness.

Beyond this the Social Ads platform will give more control to the advertisers to drive efficiency in their Facebook advertising campaigns with brownie features such as: Website Custom Audiences (WCA) and Mobile app tracking.

Benefits of Website Custom Audiences (WCA)

Matt considers the WCA feature which allows you to create Facebook ads that target users who have previously visited your website, as the most exciting bit of the offering. “It is a brand new capability and as a platform we have been developing this feature for the last six months. What it does is that - you can segregate the incoming traffic as it comes to your Facebook page.”

Matt Sutton Komli MediaCiting an example to explain it better, Matt suggests that brands can segregate the traffic that is coming from Google PPC and re-target them in a customized manner on Facebook based on the user activities performed on the website. “A user can add himself to the mailing list and drop before buying a product. So now you can pull out the data of such users who performed the activity and re-target them on Facebook with a set of interesting creatives,” he added.

Another interesting use case could isolate specific visitors within these WCA. So you can focus only on those who visited a specific page or a section of your site, or those who visited pages that included a particular keyword in the URL.

Additionally, you can reach out to customers who bought a particular product with related products or accessories to cross-sell or even to visitors who visited your webpage but are not your Facebook fan. “It is super exciting and it delivers really high performance in terms of engagement and effective sales,” informed Matt.

With this offering of WCA now, Komli has strengthened its offering as from now on it can offer its customers its existing re-marketing technology solutions which was launched in Q1 2014 along with a social ad management platform. “From now on we can serve the advertisers better as - if he is doing both of this then we can get all of them on one plate,” he added while informing that it has been a stated requirement by their customers.

Besides this, the Social Ads platform has features like True Life Time Value (LTV) optimization and Auto bid optimization. While optimizing the bids allows advertisers to maximize the value they get from their budgets, LTV allows optimization techniques for users who are performing frequent activities on the website by bidding higher for the set of users. “So if you see a user returning five or six times, then you are willing to pay more for the user, set the metrics on the platform and the platform will itself optimize with bigger life time value.” He said not many use it despite it being a common feature.

Benefits of Mobile app tracking

The fourth and another exciting feature is Mobile app tracking, which Matt thinks will drive a lot of value considering the huge proliferation of mobiles in Asia. “Asian and Indian markets are seeing huge growth in mobile transactions specially for eCommerce sites. So the feature will allow an end to end tracking tool which is completely ready to work and seamless across web and mobile. Besides we are compatible with all the major technologies brands are using for mobile ad tracking.”

With smartphone sales in India expected to reach 80.57 million units by the end of this year, encapsulating Mobile app tracking feature makes all the more sense.

The Social Ads Platform has been tested by a performance advertiser who was finding a new player base for its games, but as the games were new to the market, publishing them and finding a player base was proving to be a challenge. Its biggest challenge was to find large volumes of new players while maintaining the cost per app install targets and keeping within its budget.

As a part of Komli’s social strategy, the client branded each gaming app and added them into the Facebook app market to increase visibility. Besides the client leveraged Komli’s PMD solution, powered by Adquant’s technology, to manage each game as an individual product, making it easier to track, analyze and optimize at scale.

As a result using Facebook’s Mobile App Install ad type via the platform helped drive players directly to the iTunes store increasing the client’s mobile app install volumes by 385%. It also accrued an additional 41% installs on the app.

Matt also informs that not just brands like large eCommerce giants would be interested but also digital and social advertising agencies will find their requirements met.

The strategic collaboration further strengthens Komli Media’s position in the APAC social arena; for Adquant this is an exciting opportunity to work with one of the leading companies in APAC while serving the Asian region with its enterprise tool.