How Kokuyo Camlin Nailed Real Time Marketing With Its Video Tribute To Google’s New Logo

Art brand Kokuyo Camlin was the one Indian brand quick to respond to the massive social buzz created by Google's new simplified logo, making a direct connect with its crayons


September surprised all of us when Google rolled out its brand new logo. A simple, uncluttered, colourful and friendly one, as stated by the tech giant in its blog, to reflect the Google of today as well as the Google of the future.

While the world’s graphic designers were in heated debate whether Google’s new logo will work for it or not, everyone with access to the internet and some services to use from the tech giant, saw a new Google Doodle depicting a hand rubbing off the old logo and writing the new Google logo with colourful crayons or chalks.

The new #GoogleLogo became the trending topic on major social networks including Facebook. People shared the new logo, they talked about it adding their own two cents, while the new Google logo became the talk of the virtual town. Some designers are still in shock, some are awestruck at Google’s boldness but everyone is a lot amused at how a tech giant like Google can get so ‘childish’ with its brand identity.

There is one Indian brand, however, that struck gold with the new Google logo. Kokuyo Camlin, maker of all the different types of colours and stationery we grew up with, saw an excellent opportunity to bring alive its core proposition of “Let’s Have Fun”.

The art and stationery brand quickly created a fun video as a tribute to Google’s new and colourful logo. And shared it on Twitter as well as tweeted it to Google. ‘If it’s Crayons, it’s Camlin,” a timely and creative expression by the brand:

The video exemplifies the best of real time marketing in India. Especially in this social media age, when brands and fans are engaging with one another in real-time.

“In today’s digital age, speed assumes great essence. Consumer interest and trends are changing faster than ever before. It’s become important for marketers to connect with consumers not just fast, but NOW,” Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer at Kokuyo Camlin said about the importance of real time marketing for a brand.

Big I Tuna, Kokuyo Camlin’s digital agency that is behind the video, saw something buzzy on everyone’s social timelines and it had everything to do with crayons, one of Camlin’s core product. An opportunity knocked at their door, the best response was to leverage it quickly.

“When Google announced its new logo with a doodle using crayons, we immediately realised it was just the perfect trend our stationery brand Kokuyo Camlin can leverage. So we pulled off a video in response to Google along with the direct product connect of ‘If its Crayons, its Camlin’,” Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder of Big I Tuna shared with Lighthouse Insights about what went into their minds while executing this idea.

“The turnaround time and the positive nature of the response was key in garnering organic conversations around it,” she added.

The full video is available on the brand’s Facebook page too. Going by the number of shares, likes and comments garnered by the Facebook video, you know the power of content marketing in real-time.


Quite a few Indian brands have impressed us with real-time marketing this year, but the direct product connect in the Camlin one is a commendable effort. While the buzz on Google’s new logo will wear off, Kokuyo Camlin’s timely video will stay with its art loving community.